Vintage bag How to clean suede inside?

  1. Some of you do amazing rehab jobs with vintage coach! I am trying to clean a bag ... Coach ramblers legacy in British Tan and a stewardess bag! How to clean. Suede lining in vintage bags? Also can anything be done with areas where color seems to be gone like edges? Last question can light colored bags like British tan be given a bath??
  2. In regards to cleaning the inside surface of unlined vintage bags. I vacumn the bags out first and then give them a bath. After they are wet and pliable I often turn them inside out so I can really give the inside a good scrubbing. I often use an old toothbrush on the seams to try and get them clean. If there are any ink marks I use alcohol to remove or at least minimize it.

    I have washed British Tan bags and they come out nice and look better afer the bath; but if the bag has dark stains like oil spots they often do NOT come out in the wash! Light colors, including British Tan, are harder to rehab than darker shades.

    Often the worn edges and piping darken as soon as you wash the bag and apply leather conditioner and you may not need to do anything else. In cases of really bad wear, after you clean and condition and you can see the final color of the bag, you can touch up the worn areas with permanent acryllic paint.

    You can buy the paints at hobby and fabric stores and they are often less than $1 a bottle. When fresh, the paints wash off easily with soap and water but after 24 hours they are permanent. Touch ups are easiest to do with black bags, but you can mix colors to get the desired shade.

    Below in the first (before) pic of my poorly abused, green sheridan glenwood bag; you can see that the green color is completely worn off the corner edges. After I cleaned and conditioned her, the corners looked a little better but still not great.

    I finally blended some colors to match the green and touch up the corners (see second "after" pic.) It is hard to perfectly match different shades of green (and the match didn't come out perfectly) but I think it looks better.



  3. do the british tan bags ever get water marks on them when you wash them? I had my british tan bag out today and we got a downpour and there are a few water spots on it. It's not really noticeable unless you look hard at it but I was wondering if that would happen with washing too?
  4. I have had them show spots after washing (and conditioning!) but the spots usually disappear in a day or so.
  5. Good to know. Maybe mine will disappear too. I don't think I have ever had that bag out in a pouring rain before :sad: I'm having bad luck with it the last few days. Guess it might be time to switch bags LOL First ranch dressing and now a downpour on that poor bag!
  6. were you trying to get that ranch out with the rain?? just kidding ; )
  7. Thanks a lot, Katev! Very helpful advice! I am nervous as I picked out a lighter color! I will let you know how my rehab project turns out!
  8. I have a British tan Murphy that has been splashed on and rained on and usually the water spots dry evenly. Water spots are caused by the calcium build up in the I have read any way. If your spots don't dry evenly and conditioning does not work try hand washing the entire bag. Use saddle soap or a fragrance free dye free brand.
  9. Katev- green and browns are hard to match. Heck even black is hard to match. I touched up a black recently that looked purple after the paint dried. I had to find a new brand. Acrylic paint is the very very last option. In the case of your green bag, it is better for it.
  10. Thanks, and I agree, using acryllic paint to touch up a bag is a pretty serious move; but when you've tried everything else, it's worth a gamble (and you can always wash them off as long as you don't leave them on too long!)
  11. LOL! I guess I didn't have to do it myself I could have waited for the rain!
    It was so weird though it was really hot and sunny when we left and we got to the mall it started to downpour. We sat in the walmart parking lot for half an hour because the rain was completely blowing horizontal...and there was hail ugh what a horrible day it ended up being...I got a second shower outdoors trying to hunt down black sally hansen crackle polish :P