Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring

  1. Hi All -

    I am hoping you can help me...

    I am newly engagement - well, April 1. And we arer in the process of looking for a wedding bands. I have my fiance's grandmother's engagement ring which is an Art Deco European Diamond ring. I am so confused about what to do about a wedding band... should I get one that is cut out or scooped around the engagement ring? Should I get a basic style wedding band and wear my engagement ring on my right hand? What wedding band style would look good with this? Any other suggestions?

    This isn't the ring but it is amazingly similar.

    Many thanks!!
    My Engagement Ring.jpg
  2. IMO, I would just get something really simple that will fit nicely with it. You can always change up later.
  3. Thanks! I guess the picture really isn't accurate. It has another set of diamonds that come down. I guess I should do a curved platinum ring that is thin and simple. There is also etching on the side. I thought about mirroring that on the band. Is that too crazy?
  4. I never really care for rings carved to fit the engagement ring. MY choice for a wedding band would be an eternity ring, but that probably wouldn't fit with what you have. How about finding out what his grandmother wore to get an idea of what she considered to match it. I think sometimes simpler is better especially given how pretty the engagement ring is.
  5. Great idea! I will do that.
  6. I have a pretty complicated setting, so I wear my eternity band on my right hand. People can figure it out.
  7. You might try Tiffany's.

    I searched all over for bands which would fit around a non-standard engagement ring; finally found them there.
  8. Thanks for all the help!
  9. good luck, try a local jeweler, they would be able to get you a band to fit. I love art deco rings.
  10. I would find a simple band...either with a few small diamonds or a platinum band...and wear them together. Don't wear on different hands. I actually wear my nona's and great nona's wedding/engagement ring (3 total) stacked on my right ring finger. They look great. The are very old. If I can I will try and post pictures. Don't worry about them being flush or perfectly match...that makes it more beautiful and unique. Your ring tells a story.

    You know what could be nice? A six stone wedding band with the center ones larger and then decrease to the sides...very subtle decrease.

    Another thought...if you live near pawn shops...visit them many people pawn vintage may get an idea of one or even find one you love to buy. Look on ebay as well for ideas.

    Bets of luck.
  11. my engagement ring is estate, too... purchased, though, not handed-down (lucky you!!). not the best pic, but here you can see what i did for a wedding band. both rings are platinum, but the band is new, not estate.

  12. Very lovely crepe ^^ Lucky you!
  13. crepe- gorgeous ring!

    I think there are a ton of options and it's something you can def. take your time with.
    I've done many custom rings and another option if you don't want to do a "curved" band, is have a subtle curved ring that fits into the other ring on the underside (that lays against the skin) but the topside is not curved. does that make sense? I'll have to see if I can find a drawing or picture of the ring I made like that for someone.
    I personally only wanted a simple plain band because I know what a PITA it has been for me to size eternity rings after pregnancies/weight gain or loss. LOL
  14. You might want to consider a Chopard eternity band from their Ice Cube collection. I have one in white gold and I really love it. Here's a pic.


    To see their full line of jewelry, which is absolutely gorgeous, go to
    Let us know what you decide.
  15. Kat & Crepebacksatin,
    Beautiful rings!!!!