Vintage Anthony

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  1. Hi lovely ladies

    I’m thinking of purchasing a lovely choc vintage Anthony. It’s in super condition and a fabulous price. The seller said that it was purchased many years ago, no idea when? - at John Lewis and has no serial number on the fob. Does this sound correct? I’m not familiar with vintage bags. Also, can anyone tell me what leather the early Anthony’s were made from and if older vintage bags are superior in quality to today’s leathers. Totally new to this style so looking for a little info xx
  2. Mine is from 2007 or 2008 I think. I remember we were in Manchester for a concert and I did a little pre-show shopping :P It has a number on the disc, but the very early bags often don’t. This bag’s made of Darwin leather, and has a square label holding the mulberry disc. I’ve never babied this bag, I rarely polish it tbh. I think a vintage Antony in good nick is a great buy, it’ll last and last, just make sure you get it authenticated, there are lots of fakes.

    220FA787-4DD0-42A8-8242-752274888150.jpeg 13147449-EB69-4F0D-8C8F-F2C469B1C87A.jpeg
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  3. Your bag is gorgeous!

    Any idea what this leather may be? It seems to scratch easily which doesn’t bother me tbh. A1177695-5952-4A2C-8B47-B0D2E11BFD34.jpeg

    It has a taupe/cream strap as opposed to the same colour as the leather.
  4. Thank you :smile:
    It would be Darwin. The first bags came out with paler canvas straps and then switched to darker brown.
  5. Oh super, thank you. Am I right in thinking that the original Darwin leather is thick and soft? I think I prefer the darker strap but the lighter is a nice contrast too. X
  6. It softens with use, so it depends how much of a life it’s led. But yes, it’s thicker than NVT and strong. Mulberry will repair inking and replace straps and hardware if needed (for a fee). I sent an old bag in a few years ago and they replaced it with new pale canvas to my surprise - I thought they might’ve run out of it!
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