* Vintage All The Way!! * with pics *

  1. Just wanted to show off to you my new, eh kinda vintage classic pieces. Although they are both older styles and about 10 years old - I don't think that's really considered vintage. But let's call them vintage anyway, it's so much easier. I always get drawn to the older classic styles from Chanel for some reason.... or maybe it's just because they're cheaper? :lol:

    First is my black patent shoulder bag with a gold CC twistlock on the front and the cutest Chanel zipper pull. Measurements are 11 x 7 x 3 with a long shoulder strap, so I can also wear it messenger style. It is in like new condition and the gold hardware is still super shiny.

    Second is my normal size, vintage Jumbo flap. I purchased a XL Jumbo before, but I found it really too big and the chains were too heavy for me. But this size is perfect, not heavy at all and I love the extra large CC twistlock on the front. Always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling when I look at it.

    Thanks for letting me share :flowers:




  2. [​IMG]

  3. oh they're beautiful, but the jumbo is my fave.
    congrats :yes:
  4. Thanks Sea!! I also love your caviar XL Jumbo, you wear it so well!
  5. wow! congrats nathalie on the fabulous vintage finds. they look as chic as any of the newer models and in fact, better. i love how the vintage jumbo looks and you look perfect modelling it!

    enjoy your new purchases. :tup:
  6. Stunning bags! None of the recent seasonal bags can hold a candle to classics like those.
  7. Wow.. Nat. I love both of them. Especially the patent sling bag. Great find. You r so right, I always love the old styles n ofcourse because it is cheaper. Since the price of new chanel is insanely high now. I got the XL jumbo aswell, what a great bag isnt' it?

    Oh.. I am so jealous... I like the patent so much. You always manage to find a great deal. BTW, do you mind telling me where do you usually find the treasure n how much did you pay? (if it bothers you, you may not answer it) Thanks.. Again they loook stunning on you.
  8. Congratulations! i love both of them, they're beautiful! I'm used to seeing the first one in a smaller version (actually, don't even know if they're the same style? I have no knowledge of vintage chanels) but I love this size that you got! And it's patent!! I feel like both of that factors make it such a unique piece~ And of course, I love the jumbo too!
  9. They are lovely!!!! What great pieces to add to your collection, enjoy them!!
  10. cute!!! but not seen you modelling your white bag with black hardware, I love that bag.
  11. Congrats!! I love the Jumbo!!
  12. Aw, thanks! I always feel a bit awkward while modeling in front of the mirror :shame:

    Thanks! I totally agree with you :biggrin:

    Thank you so much, Helen. I just noticed your gorgeous vintage shoulder bag, very cute! You have to show us your XL Jumbo as well, would love to see it!

    Thanks! Yes, I also have seen this style before in a smaller version. Mostly in lambskin and in a variety of colors. I was actually very surprised to have found this large size, it can fit alot, which I love :tup:

    Thanks Sheana!!
  13. Thank you. I will try to take a modeling pic with my white Jumbo later on this week, totally forgot about that :shame:

    Thank you, I love it too!
  14. Wow they are both gorgeous!

  15. Indeed Natalie they do look like new and you're really rocking them!:yes::nuts: Congrats on both!

    BTW it's so interesting to see how Chanel bags hold during time esp when taken good care of !Congrats again!:tup: