Vintage Alhambra watch - does anyone have one?

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  1. I am having the weirdest experience with mine. I wear it sporadically because its satin strap is rather delicate and of course never bang it around.

    In the two times I've brought it to a boutique for a battery change and to change the strap, they've discovered that the 1) crown's "pin" www broken and that a screw (holding the strap) had broken into two. Both pieces are solid gold. Is this really odd...? I'm beginning to wonder if the staff is incompetent (which I don't think they'd ever admit) or if this watch, while beautiful, is poorly made?

    Your thoughts are appreciated!
  2. That does sound unusual.

    How does a screw break in 2? And you do not notice it?

    Is the pin indeed broken or just recommended to be replaced? In servicing my luxury watches I've noticed they frequently want to replace things that seemingly work.
  3. Odd right? I feel I would have noticed before of that part was missing as the strap would have gotten loose. When they showed me the watch, the lower half of the pin was indeed screwed (stuck) in its hole. I'm guessing they broke it while opening the screw but of course I can't prove it. Two incidents is an odd coincidence!
  4. This seems more like it and they don't want to hold themselves responsible :sad:

    Happened with DH's TAG when his battery needed to be changed. The AD did not want to accept responsibility.
  5. Thanks Hadassa. So irritating huh!
  6. I have an alhambra watch but not on a strap. its the bracelet version. I havent had anything break BUT I find the crown ridiculously hard to pull out to adjust the time. I am terrified I will break it. So I dont touch it. I make them do it when I had the battery replaced. Kind of off topic but perhaps the pins are too delicate....
  7. I am looking at purchasing one of these watches- can the straps be purchased separately?