Vintage Alhambra, 5 motifs YG or Stone?


Jul 2, 2017
I'm in the same boat! I just bought the gold vintage alhambra necklace - one motif - in MOP. I plan to get the matching 5 motif bracelet soon after. I think it largely depends on your skin/hair coloring and what you wear often. I typically would be all about the all-gold style; however, I think the contrast between a color (onyx or MOP) and the gold chain is stunning. I went with MOP (despite living in black clothing and accessories - ha) because i think it's just stunning and will go with literally everything (and is seasonless). As I build my collection, onyx will likely be my next choice. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, lighter skin tone as an FYI.

Let us know what you decide!


Oct 6, 2006
I have the YG bracelet and I think it’s a wonderful piece. I wear it all the time even to sleep and the shower. It’s very hardy. Mop I have been told is more delicate so I don’t wear that one as much. Hope you will be able to try the pieces - I didn’t think I’d like the all YG until I tried it on. You can see which piece sings to you. ❤
Here’s a pic of my Cartier’s and VCA together in the old days :smile: