Vintage/2nd hand Hermes in Nice

  1. I dont know why I didn't think of this before.. I was just in the cote d'azur cities last week and visited a shop which sells vintage Hermes (and gorgeus old Vuitton hard suitcases and Chanel bags).

    when you walk right by Casino Ruhl, towards the marina, turn left on Avenue Gustave V, it is number 5 a small botique called Achetons Comptant ( I think, there is lots of names on the businesscard) and it is on the left on the street, right after the police station. They have lots of Vuitton in the window, with some old race car models. high mark up, but beautifull bags!!
  2. Hi, I have been to that shop a lot. My husband is french and I just like holidaying there - the owner is a bit of a character, judging by his french accent he would be italian, but most certainly sells the real deal. If his wife, or the lady, I don't know if she is his wife, is there, get her to help you as she is really nice. The prices are reasonable and they are real. Last time I went, they had a croc Kelly 28 and it cost only 5000 euros.
  3. I can not believe it I was just there a week and half ago, I would definately shopped there. Do you know what color classic flap chanel bags there are?
  4. Jenna - I can't be sure, I was interested in the old Vuitton trunks, but there maybe a black one.. I think I saw a black kelly aswell..
  5. thanks for your quick reply I guess I will wait until next time I go back to Nice to check out that store.
  6. Thanks Mai - i will be there in the next couple of weeks and will look in...
  7. Could you reproduce the businesscard for the shop here please?
  8. here you go.. click to see in large size

  9. Thank you so much MB, that's great.