vintage 2002 caramel first

  1. ok, by popular demand , i am attempting to post pix of my 2002 caramel first. i bought it the first season Barneys carried them. it was my second bal bag. my first bal bag is a black second season first i bought in bal paris. pix on her at a later date... please note the dust bag has the original bal double b logo which is not used alot now. also.,the dustbag is not all cotton, but more of a heavier material. my upload is not working, so i am asking mimi to assist me since she has offered. thanks, mimi!
  2. Will you be selling this lovely bag? I have been searching for that exact bag. Can't wait to see your pics.
  3. hey girl, just got your email! im downloading them now... and will upload as soon as it's downloaded (my computer is a bit slow, so it might be awhile)

    i know exactly which dustbag you are talking about! i have one for my belted buckle hobo - so cool!
  4. thank you for your help mimi! i sent you 8 pix in 2 sets of 4.:rolleyes:
  5. thanks girl! im still downloading the first set because they're big, it's 69% done - i might have to go to sleep before its finished - but i promise you they'll be posted as soon as i can. :love:
  6. i gotta have private pix lesson LOL! take your time, you can finish tomorrow, i procrastinated this long...stay tuned guys, ive got pix of lots of other of my bal bags but this is caramel first is truly motorcycle bag history...youi are the best, mimi!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. ^ it's my pleasure! :love:

    it is beautiful... the second set is downloading while I wait for my sheets to dry :lol:, then I'll resize them and upload them first thing in the morning! ;) stay tuned!
  8. cant wait to see how it looks like...
  9. okay, the second set is downloading now (computer crashed) - while my kitty is in my room (she just got home from the vet with anesthesia, so i cant leave my room for another hour) soon as three o' clock hits, ill be downstairs on the laptop resizing and posting these for all to see! :smile:
  10. sorry about your kitty. hope she's okay.....
  11. awww sweety, thanks for your love. she is okay, she just needed to go on antibiotics and get some bloodwork. she's a trooper :heart: ...she has to be put on anesthetic when she goes to the vet, she's a feisty kitty - and does not like the vet experience at all.
  12. Big fat kitty hug from mine to yours MiMi!!
  13. ^ awwwww perc, jessica gives a big one back! :love:

    (sorry for the hijack, im just hijacking all of the threads today! :lol:)
  14. poor thing! glad to hear she's okay! bet she'd LOVE to nap in a beautiful bordeaux weekender as a reward for being such a trooper thru all of this ;) i know for sure i'd love it :graucho:
  15. ^ awwww, you know, she's not into bags! :lol: she prefers a lap or a towel.