Vintage 1950's Lucite Purses

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  1. Hello Lovelies:yahoo:
    I understand I am not allowed to sell here, as I posted in another forum asking if I could.
    I have a colection of 1950's lucite purses ( made between 55 and 65)
    and have tried to sell on Ebay but haven't really found the right audience.
    Do you guys have any advice for me?
    They're worth 400 in an antique shop and I'm looking to sell at half or less, but not many people seem to know what they are!
    Thanks in advance, and if I broke any rules I'm really sorry.
    And thanks to Behemoth for pointing me to this section!
  2. Hey and welcome, you're not allowed to mention what it is you want to sell either ;)
  3. Arrggg. I'm sorry!
    I just don't know where would be best, and didn't want to infringe.
    Just looking for advice.
    Thanks for the welcome though :smile:
  4. I wouldn't like to say to be honest, I haven't heard of them either. Can you take them to an antique shop ? That's what I'd do I think rather than sell them for peanuts on Ebay.
  5. Etsy. I buy a lot of vintage and everyone I know who is into vintage looks on Etsy, in fact I know of people right now who have been perusing lucite bags. Good luck!
  6. Ruby Lane would be another place to list vintage/antique items. I buy a lot of vintage jewelry on that site.
  7. Omigosh! I just headed over to Etsy and typed in the names of my favorite vintage clothing manufacturers--omigosh! This is going to be my financial downfall. :faint:
  8. I totally agree with Etsy, everyone I know that gets vintage stuff gets it from there.