Vineyard Vines for Target

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  1. What did you get?

    I ordered a few dog items online. Didn't think I needed anymore but went to two stores to look and they were almost wiped out. I got two beach chairs from in store. Had to hold back on buying to much since didn't need anything but the all the stuff was so cute.

    On a side note. The logo on the clothing is exactly the same as the original. I think they should put a bullseye on it or something. It just cheapens the original item for me.
  2. I wasn't going to get anything, then I decided that since I headed to Target on Sunday I'd take a look regardless. I got myself the swim coverup (something I'd been looking for the *right* one for a bit) and my mom liked the patchwork shorts and the rugby stripe dress so I got us those too.

    I liked the embroidered whale shorts but there were none in my size. I don't know if I would have gotten them anyway since I'm iffy about the drawstring on them. Also liked the white dress but not something I NEED, you know? And oh, the housewares! No more dishtowels or cloth napkins, though. Happy with what I left with. :smile:

    Lord knows I did enough damage with the Missioni, Marimekko, and Pulizter collections!
  3. I got mostly clothing (white beach coverup, gingham dress, boys gingham shirt, chambray top, navy striped sweatshirt, striped dress, navy hat), a blanket and the recyclable bag. Those were all purchased online so I’m anxiously waiting these goodies to show up!

    I did stop by my local store that morning but vast majority of the clothing was picked through. The clothing seemed a tad on the thinner side to me than regular VV. The decor stuff was really cute but didn’t need it.
  4. Got a striped dress and a red drinking cup, not much in my store either, what’s crazy was there were well dressed preppie SAs from our VV store checking out the sale, I’d say they were impressed and boy, they were so dressed up for a Saturday morning shopping.
  5. I got a few thing online at 2am, when dale went live,by the check out time, most things were sold, I have a lot of beach towels, napkins and placemats on order and on it way.

    I have found a few things at the store here and there. I have yet to try them on. I’ll post pictures when I do.

    I seriously need to edit what I have bought.
  6. I just picked up the cup sleeve, haha. I always buy the cold Starbucks drinks and I hate holding it by using the napkins, so this will hopefully be a nice alternative. I haven’t tested it yet so hopefully it works.
  7. I ended up keeping the bikini top (couldn't find matching bottoms in my size) and striped off the shoulder top for myself. Bought my husband some polos and the fishbone shirt. Picked up dog collars, dog bowls (wish they came in a smaller size), and a leash (I really like that the handle is padded). Kept some kids clothes for gifts and infant items for our future children (lol). Bought the picnic blanket for parties and beach vacations.

    I initially bought some home goods, but the napkins felt too thin, and I wanted darker tones for the serving trays. I would have liked to get my husband a half zip and hat, but those seemed to be the most popular items at my store, and I haven't seen those being returned.
  8. I ended up keeping a few things and returned most items:

    Patchwork off shoulder dress
    Off shoulder striped top
    Navy polo shirt ( for me and my kiddo)
    Enamel Coasters
    Yeti type Drink cup in red

    The other dresses just didn’t work for me.