Vince sweater slightly too big. What to do?

  1. I couldn't resist. It was 40% off and just slightly too big. It's the 3/4 sleeved dark-gray sweater with 5 buttons and pockets in the front. I want to wear it over long-sleeved shirts and a belt. Can I alter sweaters?
  2. Yep -- you can pretty much have anything altered. I would take it to a tailor to get an estimate; costs will vary depending on how much needs to be taken in, material, etc.
  3. I was eyeing a sweater just like that! What site is it on sale? :smile:

    And I agree that you will be able to get it altered but it might cost more than a simple shortening.
  4. I didn't get it online, sorry. I got it at a store in Vancouver, Canada.

    Looks like I will go in and get an estimate! Generally I like things to fit loosely but this sweater looks better fitted IMO.
  5. I think it's very difficult to alter knits, though. I believe the person would have to be very skilled. This is what I have heard, but it's still worth a consultation on the item to see what could be done.
  6. I agree. YOu have to be careful because knits unravel. The person has to know what they are doing.
    I love that sweater too!
  7. Is there any way to shrink it a little in the wash?
  8. You can get anything tailored, but the price tag may be a bit hefty depending on the work. I bought a pencil skirt on sale but it was one size too big. So I took it to the tailors and had it shortened and tighten the waist line for $70--1/2 the price of what I paid for the skirt...
  9. Hm! This is what I was afraid of. I thought about shrinking it but I'm afraid it won't shrink evenly and it was too expensive of a sweater to ruin entirely.
  10. You could always cinch in the waist with a cute belt?
  11. I think you're going to end up spending more on the altering than you saved with the 40% off, you will need a very skilled knitter (is that word?) to handle it.

    Your best best is to find a cute way of styling it so it looks right worn oversized.
  12. Don't give up, try to find someone with a Serger..this is the machine that re-seams garments and also overcasts the new seam at the same time so that the knitting will not unravel..
  13. i'm wondering about buying a vince sweater online. (sorry this doesn't respond to your question) and i am wondering if they run a little big. i haven't ever had one. i'm usually between a xs and a small. if you know that would be great
  14. Aurgh. I was at a discount store and found a Vince dolman sleeve sweater for $25 (!!!!!!) but it was one size too big and my bf AND the salesperson at the store were both like "no, it looks too big on you." I didn't get it, and I still regret it! :crybaby: