Vince Leather Jackets! So excited!!

  1. So allllll the way back in August i went in Nordstrom and was trying on all their fall coats when i tried on a Vince leather jacket.. I've been craving one (a leather jacket that is) for a while but just couldn't bring myself to pay the $600+ that is basically a given.. (hell, even finding one at that price can be hard!)

    Time passes and i am STILL thinking about the jacket.. I went on NM (where they were also sold) and mostly every size was sold out..

    Desperate i searched on eBay and low and behold.. i found them! Some guy from California was selling the one i wanted (in my size!) and then another one (also my size) for $222 each and no bids! Sooo happy! Both brand new with tags.. apparently he bought them for a girl he was dating and got 'rejected.' (was one of the most bitter item descriptions ever, haha! awws)

    Anyway, i bid on the one i've been after and win it for $222! I emailed him if anyone won the other one and no one did so he offered it to be for $150!!! (and shipping was free!!? how insane!)

    SO! In the mail i'll be receiving two brand new with tags Vince leather jackets!!!:wlae::yahoo: I'm sooo:huh:OOoo excited!

    These are them!


    ^^ the one i've been after forever!


    ^^ and the other one!

    The black retails for $595, and the brown $695.. so $1290 for both.. i got them both for $372!! *dannncceeee*:love:
  2. wow you got a great deal! please post pics when you get them! congrats!
  3. :nuts: The jackets are gorgeous! What an amazing deal!!!

  4. I own the second, you'll love it!
  5. Wow!!!!! That's an amazing deal. I don't think you could have gotten them any cheaper. Enjoy and post pics.
  6. Yayy! I'll definitely post modeling pics when they arrive! :smile:)
  7. I LOVE the first one. Just don't tell me your an XS or I'll be mad I missed the deal! Congrats and enjoy your awesome purchases
  8. ^^ haha.. I'm an XS.. *hidesss*
  9. vince jackets are sooo soft!! how lucky you are, two lovely jackets for such a steal!!!
  10. :smile: If the first one comes and you don't like it, you know who to contact :smile:
    just kidding, but would love to see model pics!
  11. aww :smile: Will definitely be posting modeling pics as soon as they come!
  12. Awesome! I've been checking out Vince leather jackets at Holt's in Toronto and the leather is lovely on them, so major congrats!! They're beautiful!

    Glad I'm not an xs or I'd be kicking myself, lol!!
  13. I have the 2d Vince and another black one as well but no deals for me -- although I do love them!!! Congrats!
  14. Great buys...can't wait to see modeling pics!
  15. Lucky you! I tried on the first one and loved but, like you, couldn't bring myself to pay that much for it.

    I wish I could read the item description....poor guy. At least he has good taste, I'm sure some other lucky woman will appreciate gifts from him!