Vince gray patent leather cropped jacket

  1. I was in Bloomingdale's today and saw this jacket and HAD to have it, what do you think? The cut, the gray striking! It's more than I've spent on a single piece of clothing (funny how I don't even blink an eye when I'm spending the same amount on a bag) but I just loved it. Can't wait to wear it with dark purple or black turtleneck underneath!

  2. LOVE it! I have the same jacket in black leather and i adore it :yes:
  3. Thanks sammydoll, I'm glad to hear iyou love yours...if I recall correctly you got it for a STEAL on eBay right?! That was the deal of a lifetime! I got mine on presale for 20% off which helped, but...I'm hoping this will be one of those purchases that is worth every penny (esp from a "cost per wear" perspective!)
  4. Yes, i got mine for $220! I still can't believe what an insane deal i got.. you're going to love yours though, it's fantastic!
  5. TDF!:yes:
  6. Beautiful!! The cut is so cute and hip.
  7. i love it! cute color
  8. You inspired me to wear mine today! *danncce*

  9. Very nice! It should look great!

    Sammydoll I love your pic!