Vince Cardigan

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  1. Does anyone know where I could get this Vince sweater (or something very similiar) for a better price? It is 275 on Shopbop and I can't find any coupon codes for them. It can be any color, not just the one shown - except pink (I look terrible in pink).

  2. I tried one on at H&M that was like this. I hope you find one.
  3. hmmm, i don't know, but i bet it will go on sale. i just bought a vince sweater dress in a similar shape and color from Shopbop that had been marked down to $140 from $300.
  4. I love that sweater, too!! Just earlier today I was considering it in the grey and also in the grape. $275 is fairly average for Vince cashmere. Shopbop is great, though, because you can build a wishlist for items that you like and don't want to forget about and you can also monitor the things that you like to see if there have been any price reductions. I actually do this on any website that allows you to build a wishlist - NM, Bloomingdales, etc. I would just check back regularly - shopbop does seem to mark things down fairly often.
  5. Thanks for the shopbop wishlist idea! I am going there now to create one!
  6. I saw several on eBay a couple of days ago (I'm a knit junkie, so I'm always looking for good deals on cashmere!)--let me see if I can find 'em and i"ll post here!
  7. Thanks!
  8. My sister bought me that sweater in grape for Christmas...she got it here at Holt Renfrew...which probably doesn't help you much, sorry! It is amazingly soft and really cute on though, good luck finding one!!