Viktor & Rolf, the show comes first *pic* Paris

  1. At Viktor & Rolf Show, Wearable Lights Outshine Clothes
    — Rachel Dodes
    Viktor & Rolf, the Dutch design duo known more for their runway theatrics than their clothes, presented a typically unusual collection in Paris tonight. Models slowly sauntered down the runway in oversized garments such as a dress with a five-foot-wide collar that hung from scaffolding anchored to the models’ bodies. Atop the metal poles were klieg lights and speakers, which blasted everything from classical music to Justin Timberlake.

    The presentation appeared to suggest that each model was a self-contained fashion show, with her own lights, her own music, and clothes, of course.

    “I was just trying to stay balanced,” said model Solange Wilvert, who slowly made her way down the runway in a dress suspended from the poles that appeared to emerge from her back. Although model Jessica Stam couldn’t help but crack a smile, Ms. Wilvert said she maintained her poker face by thinking of her shoes–high heeled wooden clogs.

    The show illustrated what many fashion insiders already know: fashion shows are more about entertainment than clothes. Last season, Viktor & Rolf, with the financial help of its perfume licensee L’Oreal SA, staged a more elaborate production, with dancing men in tuxes and tails, dry ice and a 20 piece orchestra led by Rufus Wainwright.

    The company has been capitalizing on its runway buzz to sell other products, like a capsule collection for H&M that sold out in one day. The designers, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, sent a tux to Ellen DeGeneres to wear to the Oscars last night. To no avail: She selected a red velvet suit by Gucci instead.
  2. I admire the duo's creativity and ability to think outside the box, but at the same time wearability should play some role if they want women to buy their clothes. I'm not sure how much their bottom line comes from their runway line, but they don't have the expansive perfume, shoes, accessories empires I think that other fashion houses have yet. They style seems too esoteric to really expand into other things, but the H&M collection was probably very encouraging to at least try. Branding and expanding a fashion house can be a tough thing to do properly.
  3. ^I beg to differ. I love love love their RTW. For the men's collections, they've got pretty unusual items, and works well with other "normal" items in my wardrobe.. I like their creativity and am definitely looking into buying their items.
  4. i think that's utterly brilliant. i'm not being sarcastic. i think it's commentary on how some women are overdone all the time - people like victoria beckham are just slightly shy of actually traveling with their own lighting to the grocery store. i like it when runway shows have something to say rather than just being a clothing parade.