viktor rolf for H&M

  1. Hi guys!
    I just hit H&M before work.
    The store opened at 9 but there were line at 7:30 even earlier.
    I got there at 9:08 but the selcetion was scarce by then.
    The stuff was great though.
    They even had shoes and tights!
    I think the only womens stuff left was lingere.
    Anyway I have stuff that probably wont fit me. Mostly 10's if anyones interested.
  2. Wow you were brave. I saw that on the news this morning.
  3. I just got back from H&M. I went to the Bloor Street store in Toronto. I figured the lineup would be madness at the Eaton Center so I took my chances going to the smaller store. Luckily, there was only about 20 people in line before me. I got there at around 9:25. They didn't open the store till 10:05 which to me is unacceptable! When we got in, it was madness. People tearing and grabbing at things. One guy actually was pushing me and trying to get past me, screaming "F*** you!" - I have no idea why. Psychotic people! A lot of asian girls had ARMLOADS of clothes. I'm talking, like 10 of the same thing. And I also saw people actually offering to let other people have an item in their pile for 10 or 20 dollars!!! :wtf: It was truly disgusting!

    I managed to get the trench in black and brown - the black is size 10 and the brown is size 8 - the size I actually need! And I did get a black peacoat for my boyfriend. I also got a pair of gray pants and a black t-shirt with a ribbon pattern. :graucho: I didn't get a ton of stuff. I saw women buying up multiple items in the same style. I'm sure they're going to sell it on ebay which pisses me off because there's many things I wasn't able to get. Still, the one item I did want I got, so I'm happy. :love:
    vr_hm_042 - TRENCH.jpg
  4. I have the trench in a 10. It doesnt fit me. I actually put it on ebay. LOL.
  5. the people in the NY store were much nicer. Someone even handed me a dress in a 12 that they had in their pile, saying that "this would fit u".
    It was a mob scene though!
  6. You will see a lot of the stuff on ebay by tomorrow I bet.
  7. OMG! I just checked ebay - 158 items already!!! It's only 12:30! :wtf:
  8. There's already stuff on ebay now! I went to H&M in London, Oxford Circus at 9.20am and it was mayhem. There were ppl who had whole RAILS of the same thing... I didn't get anything I wanted - all I want is the grey heart sweatshirt sniff sniff I am absolutely traumatised - I was pushed and shoved, ppl grabbed things out of my hands. Shocking!
  9. I just went back in during my lunch break. They keep restocking!
  10. Crap!
  11. I guess me wanting to go after work is basically out of the question to get anything in a 2/4/xs
  12. i travelled for an hour by train to the h&m in manchester (because my local h&m doesn't stock viktor & rolf) and by the time i got there at 2pm, the only things left were the t-shirts, skinny jeans, dress pants, a few blazers and the ribbon top. it was miserable and the sizes were all 12s.

    nonetheless, i hovered around long enough for them to restock some stuff, and managed to score myself a black ruffle dress. i think the men will have more luck, by the looks of it.
  13. Actually - the amount of stuff that was left over at that time is quite surprising! There was nothing left after the first five minutes at the Toronto Bloor St. store. Cleaned out! A store clerk told me that they sold out in 8 minutes! No restocking. New York - you certainly were lucky that they kept replenishing!!! I wanted those skinny jeans! And that cute black heart top. I think the people in Toronto are more savvy about snatching up anything in whatever size so they can put them on ebay!!! So terrible! :hysteric:

  14. ^ jadejett, i got to the store around 12:30PM and there were about 10 pairs of pants (tuxedo, a pair of heels, lots of bras and some thongs, 3 different dresses, and lots of men's trouser socks, blazers and boxers).
  15. jadejett - i was really looking forward to the collection, although it was so unfortunate that they only had it at Eaton centre and Boor St...they could have at least had it at Yorkdale. I remember last year, my friend and I were so nieve (sp?), and we went to H&M the day after Stella came out...we were shocked it was sold out so quickly! At least u got to go, and actually found stuff!!!:yahoo: I knew there was no way i would be able to make it this time...