Viktor & Rolf for H & M

  1. Will you be lining up? How early? I'm really liking some of the stuff I've seen.
  2. I can''''ttttttttt!!! Sniffsniff. I have classes that morning. :sad:
  3. I probably can't. I have to be at school, but I'd love to buy something later. I don't think they are going to run out of stuff in one day! :confused1:
  4. They might. They did run out of Stella stuff last year (at least in Sweden).
  5. the SF H & M, which is the one I'd be going to, is only getting in one shipment. stella stuff ran out in a day last year apparently. i have class at 1:15...takes around an hour to get back from SF. i can't wait for them to post the whole collection on the 30th.
  6. When does it come out?
  7. 11/9. It's a Thursday, which is kind of tricky.
  8. here're some pieces from the upcoming collection in case anyone was curious :wlae:

  9. Thanks, nerdphanie. :yes:
  10. I can't wait to buy a few pieces. I hope I get first picks. I've already seen the wedding gown in the collection and it's outrageous. I think people are going to fight for it.
  11. H&M just opened near me so I'll definetely check that out. They definetely have quirky designs that are quite unique.
  12. Were there any men's pieces?
  13. collection of 35 women's and 25 men's pieces
  14. Yes I´m waiting for this too.
  15. I live in the ATL no H&M here makes me very sad:crybaby: