Views on Twist One Handle vs Twist with removable handle


Mar 26, 2013
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Hi... I am considering Twist One Handle and Twist (Epi) with removable handle for both event / casual use.

One Handle is leather in and out and Twist is Epi outside with fabric lining. Perhaps Twist is easier to maintain exterior wise but its inner is fabric and prone to ink stains. Space wise, they are similar but due to structure, I think Twist Epi can fit more due to it being more 'squarish'.

Anyone has both or either one and considering the other, or would lile to purchase one of these? Your thoughts would help me in deciding.

Thank you so much!


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Mar 31, 2013
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I saw and held the one handle in safran (yellow) and Orchidee (pink) as these colours appeal to me, but even the PM size was heavy for my arms, so I dare not imagine how it would weigh on my shoulders on casual occasions. I think the Epi ones are slightly lighter, but the leather is quite rigid although there are reviews on YouTube that they can get quite heavy on the shoulders, too. I am so sorry that I didn't help much, but if the one handle is much lighter, I would buy one in a heartbeat!