Views on the small matelasse bag? I think its soo cute!

  1. What are everyones views on this bag? I am in LOVE!! Its just soo sweet and sooo pretty!!:nuts:
    Do people think the same or am i on my own with this?
    Please give me your opinions!
    Its between this or a regular black city. I just think the quilting gives the black a little something extra!?

  2. I had the medium and it seemed a bit bulky for my size. I would love to see modeling pids of the small one. I really do love the Matelasse bags.
  3. ^Yep i thought that about the medium when i tried it on, didn't like it at all but this small one! =) soo cute!
  4. i think it's adorable. i haven't seen a small one IRL, but the pics are so cute!
  5. I think it's supercute, but I'm partial to the medium as well. I would really love to see the clutch in person.
  6. The clutch looked funny to me. It was too big as a clutch, I saw it more as a toilet case.
  7. It looks cute in this small size....not sure how it looks like in person.....:smile:
  8. I think the bag looks cute ;)
  9. It's tiny isn't it - it's certainly not going to be a replacement for a Black City - you're gonna have to get both! ;)
  10. ^ lol! its 10" x 8" x 4". i will have to see if i can see it irl xx
  11. I don't know if it's the quilting or what -- but it seems smaller to me IRL. Definitely can't hold what a city can. Still, it's cute!
  12. It think it is a little sweetie as well. It looks be handheld, but that is fine w/ me. I can't afford to buy a small one right now, as I'm waiting for more violet, but if I could I would love one.

    Are you thinking about getting it?
  13. That is so freaking cute, but I'm gigantic.. so I'd need a medium... but cute cute cute!!!
  14. I had never really paid attention to the matelasse after seeing the large size's boxy shape, but the small is very cute. I can see it being dressed up easily, too.
  15. It's so cute...and so soft....Scrumptious!