Views and help needed (sorry, long post)

  1. I went to the dior outlet at DFS yesterday (thanks! zerodross).

    I saw alot of lovely bags!! (ahahhahaa.... I am stating the obvious). It's a pity I couldn't find the heart flap in grey white colour.

    I really love this bag (and the wallet, and the ID case!!! LOL) :heart: I believe this bag is the small version (measures about 10 inches in length)

    The retail price in Singapore is SGD1510 (that's about USD998).

    (1) May I know what's the price of this bag in your country?

    (2) Should I get this bag now or wait till my birthday in August? I can afford the bag. My concern is my hubby. He doesn't seem to like it when I buy expensive bags (i just got a coach sling bag about a month or so ago). He doesn't stop me from buying... but I think he might be regretting introducing me to LV.... And I am worried that once I get this dior bag, I might buy more in a couple of months time!!

    please share with me your views... many thanks!!!
  2. hey orangetree,

    i checked the price on eluxury and i'm not sure if they come in different sizes but the one on elux is at USD$1090. the site (for the UK online store) is retailing the bag for GBP575 (which is about SGD$1725). my guess is, it might POSSIBLY be cheaper in paris, but i'm not sure about it.

    as to whether you should get the bag now (or in auguest), it really depends on how much you like the bag, you could sneakily buy it and "lower" the actual price of the bag when your husband questions you, or maybe wear it on some random casual day and if he asks, just go "OOOH THIS?! i had this LOOONG ago!" (hah, not sure if it works, i've never tried). but i reckon once anyone embarks on the path of dior, they're hooked, so.. heh. ;)

    in my own case, i usually buy the bags first (if it's a pretty good deal), hide it under the bed (or some sneaky corner) and pull it out at a later date and fluff about the price of the bag. :graucho:

    do let us know what the outcome is and if you decide to buy it (if anything we're enablers here!), please do post pictures of it, we love pictures. :yes:

    ooh yes, i tried looking at but they seem to have every other romantique bag but this frame version.
  3. hi zerodross!:heart:

    thanks for your views.

    I'm quite sure the bag I saw was a little smaller and it didn't have the 2 pockets (which can be found in the larger version). Taken a day to consider... I'm quite prepared to buy it here. :yes:

    just want to see the grey white heart flap before I decide which one to buy. I really love the heart lock though the bag feels much heavier with the lock!

    I guess I'd buy it once I decide instead of waiting till August... have been thinking about the bags alot!! :p And the wallets too... LOL
  4. hey orangetree!

    i hope it's not too late when you read this post, but i was at the dior boutique in takashimaya and i saw that they have both the grey/white sweet heart (i think that's what the new cute little flap pochette is called? the one that nat recently posted a picture of) and also the trotter romantique flap (with heart lock) in grey/white.

    do pop by the dior in taka to have a look since you're looking for that. :smile:

    the dior in taka also has the new jeanne bags on the window display now. they've got 1 jeanne (small sized one) in stock (the others are being reserved for the waitlist), and it's SGD$3880. thinking of getting it. ;)
  5. Hi zerodross:heart:

    guess what? I was in takashimaya yesterday too! and my heart stopped a bit. The grey white series is so gorgeous. :nuts:

    tried several bags (SA was a patient lady) and finally decided on the grey white small flap version. No stock but they said they will call me when shipment arrives.

    I saw the jeanne too. it's really elegant and is of a good size. **tempting you!! :wlae: :wlae:
  6. :yahoo: woot!
    this means you're getting the grey/white small flap eh? hurrah! i hope the shipment comes in soon and we get to see pictures. ;) :graucho:

    ahh, i wonder if i saw you at taka (without knowing it)! but then again, i was there real late - say 20 minutes before closing time.

    i'm about 90% close to buying that jeanne, i can't get it out of my mind and the only thing that is stopping me now is that i just bought the bordeaux reissue recently and i'd feel so bad spending more money. :push:
  7. hello zerodross

    yep! I should be getting that lovely bag. :smile: Just hope I don't change my mind for a different bag... (i'm fickle!!)

    eLux has the jeanne is medium and it costs USD2400, which is about SGD3631. Wouldn't it be cheaper to get it from eLux instead (unless you prefer the smaller version)?
  8. :yes::yes:

    try asking dior if they'd allow for an exchange of store credits within a certain period. or of course you could always buy more diors when you change your mind. ;):graucho:

    and thanks for helping me check elux with regards to the jeanne bags. yup, i'm really looking to get the smaller version since the medium looks kinda bulky to me. :sad:
  9. thanks alot, zerodross! :heart: Feels so much better to have someone to talk to about the bags before I make a purchase. :smile: And I told my hubby... about the bag and the price...

    I will definitely post pics once I have the babe! And would love to see yours too. It's really happy to see pictures of everyone's bags ... a happy feeling. :yes:
  10. :yahoo::yahoo:
    yay! i'm glad you told your husband about it!

    this reminds me of what nat told me as a joke - that her friend, whenever her husband complains about her expenditure on bags, would retort, "i'm sure my next husband would never complain about it".

    (disclaimer, don't try this - the above - at home ladies!)
  11. Haha! Ill try that on my boyfriend as a joke and see how he replies.

  12. i told that zero as a joke but my friend aint joking when she says it oh no ! :wlae: