View your driver's license online

  1. You can now view your driver's license online, or look up other people's licenses! :nuts:
  2. :lol: That's funny.
  3. I searched for my roommate instead and saw her license! :lol:
  4. I'm 15 lbs. lighter on this DL :lol:
  5. Omigod!.:lol: :lol: !..I just knew this couldn't be possible!...but I fell for it!
  6. You got me there!
  7. LAMO!!! I fell for it too.
  8. See what happens when you stay up too late? :lol:
  9. Nice. I look quite a monkey!
  10. lmao! that website is hilarious!!!! Actually, I think it was my ex's d/l that I viewed....hahaha!!! lol
  11. it's very clever.
  12. I totally fell for it -

    Very funny - I am passing that on. Thanks :biggrin:
  13. You had me for a second.
    Good one.
  14. I fell for it too!!
  15. Good one!