'view' History Lesson



    December 5, 2007 -- THE new co-host of "The View," Sherri Shepherd, yesterday insisted Christianity was older than ancient Greece, and even Judaism.
    Shepherd - who said earlier this year that she didn't know if the world was flat or round - said during a short-lived discussion of Greek philosophy on yesterday's show that she was pretty sure nothing "predated Christians."
    The verbal jousting began when Joy Behar mentioned watching a History Channel show on the Greek philosopher Epicurus and his definition of happiness.
    "Keep in mind that probably when [Epicurus] was around, there was no Jesus Christ stuff going on," said co-host Whoppi Goldberg said.
    "They still had Christians back then," Shepherd interrupted.
    "They had gods," Goldberg said.
    "They had Christians," Shepherd insisted. "And they threw 'em to the lions."
    "I think this might predate that," Goldberg said.
    "I don't think anything predated Christians," Shepherd shot back.
    Behar then piped in.
    "The Greeks came first, then the Romans, then the Christians," she said.
    "Jesus came first, before then," Shepherd said.
    "No, not on paper," Goldberg sadly said, meaning the Bible.
    Barbara Walters was not there yesterday to see the latest bizarre moment for Shepherd, a 40-year-old comedian and actress who was hired last fall to replace Star Jones on the panel of the morning women's show.
    Born in Chicago and raised a Jehovah's Witness, according to reports, she became a born-again Christian after moving to LA.
    Last September, after saying she did not believe in evolution, Whoopi asked her rhetorically if also believed the earth was flat.
    Taking the question seriously, Shepherd responded: "I don't know."
    The following day she said she'd just been flustered by the question and did, indeed, know the earth was round. Neither the show or Shepherd had any comment yesterday.


    I'd rather this than Rosie's bullying.

    I saw the Youtube clip. I like how, while the other ladies disagreed with her, they didn't disregard what she had to say. They corrected her, but they didn't call her an idiot.
  2. I don't think she's bright enough to hold her own in this format. It seems if a subject does not relate directly to something that has taken place in her life she has not much knowledge about it. While I don't always agree with Goldberg, she is fairly well rounded and generally a pretty good addition. I would have preferred to see Kathy Griffin or Gayle King hired instead of Sheppard. I miss Rosie. As obnixious as she can be she was always interesting.
  3. It's tough to believe that people who rise so far in an industry can be so uneducated, but there ya go!
  4. I have never watched this show, but I think what happened is really crazy, in a sad way. No wonder people think that Americans are stupid and that Jerry Springer is an example of how many of Americans are. Geez.
  5. It's the entertainment industry. What's more important: being smart or looking good? LOL
  6. So sad.
  7. I think she she misspoke. To a Christian, God comes before everything else. "In the beginning, God created Heaven and the Earth."

    Then the Greeks, then the Romans and then Jesus was born.

    As for the fact that she doesn't believe in evolution, lots of Christians don't. (I believe that there's got to be some sort of combination as the two, but that's just me.)
  8. This woman has proved time and time again, that she doesnt know very much.

    and that isnt really worth looking down upon. Im sure there are many basic things that you and everybody knows that I missed on and vice versa.

    it wouldn't be fair to call her stupid (not implying)

  9. ummm, trust me, there are plenty of people who reside outside of America and just as ignorant to certain things. lets not categorize.
  10. I don't think she is stupid. I think she is street smart. On the shows forum however, I believe it is best served but having well rounded hosts. I do not find her to be that. On the other hand, I did like her on "Everyone loves Raymond". I am just unsure if on "the view" she will be able to hold her own as time goes on. I guess time will tell...
  11. Too true...Stupidity is an equal opportunity and not reserved for any particular group!:yes:
  12. She may not the brightest. But I think she's funny and would be cool to talk/hang out with.

    EDIT: I think she will get better the longer she's there. She has to be hearing what people are saying and hopefully it'll motivate her to be more educated about different subjects.

  13. exactly. lol and I wasnt implying that anybody on here was calling her stupid:smile: but I agree with what your saying.
  14. Maybe she is just talking about her beliefs? I know there are people who get very upset at the suggestion that Jesus may not have been fluent in English, maybe she is there to "resonate" with a larger audience?

    I mean maybe the ratings were dropping, and they wanted to try to re-position, appeal to a broader audience, like people who might feel intimidated or out of their league even with Elisabeth, who does such a terrific job of reflecting the most popular opinions of the mainstream demographic...

    I think that for some of us who spend a lot of time online, we may be so used to a world view that stretches far beyond our own experiences, our own kitchen windows, maybe even reading books sometimes - that we can lose sight of the fact that most people - everywhere - are primarily interested in that smaller sphere - it's not so much about how intelligent a person is, just what their interests are, and what they've chosen to do with their intelligence, and that does include how they feel about beliefs - especially their own! :smile:
  15. Sorry just because someone has convictions and belief doesn't make them stupid. We all should not be so quick to judge.