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  1. I just returned from a two week trip abroad and thought I would post some great photos taken of the Wienerwald (Vienna woods). The Vienna woods are located southwest of Vienna. The woods cover an area that is in the lower part of the alps, about 1000 square kilometers of land and has been inhabited since about the 8th century.


  2. [​IMG]

  3. Wow Roo, so peaceful and unlike what I see from day to day. It is really hard for me to imagine. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Just lovely - thanks for posting!
  5. Oh, how absolutely gorgeous Roo! I would so love to visit Vienna.
    Want to see more pics of your fabulous trip! So glad you enjoyed :heart:
  6. Ok, this one is a little "Blair Witch" to me!

  7. But this one is so charming!

  8. It really is a charming area... I did a 5 mile hike on Sunday through the woods and it was so cool to see kids come riding by on their horses. Its sort of like being in a time warp there. Everything is so sloooooow :P
  9. BEAUTIFUL Roo!!! I just love getting to travel and see how different parts of the world work. Vlad says we will go to Vienna next time!
  10. Thanks Roo! Now I will have that Strauss waltz playing in my head all day! lol

    I am happy to hear that you had a wonderful trip. I love posts with pictures!
  11. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!
  12. When I hear Vienna and see those beautiful rolling hills, all I can think of is the South of Music! Those pics are truly gorgeous, you're so lucky to have gotten to go on such an amazing trip!
  13. Beautiful Roo. I am so glad your home safe and sound. The air travel situation has been just crazy!
  14. The hiiiillllllsssssssss are aliiiiiiiivvvveee (sorry I couldn't resist!)

    Magical pics, Roo. So peaceful, so charming!
  15. Wow, these pics are beautiful! thanks for sharing! that's a place I can definately see myself right about now.