Vienna Mizi or Klara and Why?

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  1. I know both these bags are very rare, but the Mizi on this forum seems far more popular than the Klara? Any reasons? The Mizi seems really large - is it heavy to carry as a handheld?

    Do people have photos wearing their klaras and mizis? Most of the searches I've done only bring up photos of the bags themselves?

  2. i like the vienna klara more!! i wish I could buy one...
  3. I'm a Mizi gal. I have the mono and the vienna version.

    It is not heavy at all. I've never tired on the Klara in person but it seems too small IMO
  4. is bigger.
  5. I love Vienna Mizi and just sold it on eBay to very nice women :smile: Mizi more attractive and usefull.
  6. Love this line!
  7. Anyone know what the dimensions are on the mizi? Is it a similar size to like a Manhattan GM?

  8. Hi.. A Mizi is about 14" x 9.5" x 6" in dimension. Hope this help.
  9. I like the look and shape of the Mizi.
  10. I like the Klara because you can out it on your shoulder.
  11. ugh. i like them both!
  12. I have the Vienna Klara and have never used it as I find it quite difficult to keep it on my shoulder ...My SA also got the Vienna Mizi in for me to view but I passed on it:crybaby:In hindsight I SHOULD of purchased the mizi ... oh well at least I have the stratus pm, hopefully this WILL stay on my shoulder:P
  13. Mizi Vienna because it's beautiful and plus I like big bags :yes:
  14. Both have good attribute but I think the Mizi is more popular because it's bigger and has more presence being handheld.