VIENNA meeting 2010

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  1. Hello and Servus from Vienna, Austria!

    I would love to meet you this year in the capital of Austria.

    A meeting in a nice café would be nice, what do you think?

    Maybe during a holiday-period such as Easter, so members from nearby countries and provinces might join the meeting.

  2. Awww, servus back, I´d love to come as I am from Graz!
  3. I should be in Bratislava during Easter:smile: So I would come as well :woohoo:
  4. this is going to be fun!

    Do you already favour a certain day?

    What about this:

    we could meet in the early afternoon, f.e. 2pm, so anyone could arrive smoothly and wont have to leave too late in the evening.

    Another option would be a not-too-early lunch, f.e. 1pm

    Lets keep this planning "simmering". :ghi5:
  5. I live in Vienna, if I have time I might come :smile:
  6. since I am not experienced with organizing a meeting a suggestion:

    how about everone posting the no-go-dates.
    f.e. if you know you can't come Sat. April 3rd, let us know!

    would it be a sacrilege having fun on Good Friday? somehow it feels wrong ...

    looking forward to meeting you, enjoying my Neverfull MM today very much!
    SA at Douglas: would you like a woman-magazin for free? (she not sure, since the magazin is quite bulky)
    me: oh, sure, there is always plenty of place for nice give aways in my purse :smile:)
  7. ok, here comes my first attempt:

    Saturday, April 3 2010


    Who is in?
  8. I would love to meet you! I am not totoro-crazy but love Studio Ghibli :flowers:
  9. #9 Mar 3, 2010
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    would be great! I'd love to meet you too since you're a fellow LV fan :smile: I probably won't be in Vienna on the 3rd, but we can schedule a meeting on another day. let's see if most members have time on the 3rd anyway, so few people are replying

    what about saturday, april 10?
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    Saturday 3/4 sounds good for me:smile:
    I would be so happy to meet LV lovers :smile:

    Now I see sw0pp can come 10/4 - no problem for me with this date as well:smile:
  11. I would love to meet you, too! April 10 is fine! :smile:

    My LV purse will be happy, too! I have been neglecting her recently a bit, after getting this beautiful Tod'd G-bag in black patent canvas. ;)

    Lets stay in contact, ok?
  12. this thread can be closed, did not receive any response to the meeting - several dates passed. over, out.