Vienna Klara

  1. Hi.

    Couldn't find anything with regards to this bag with a search (sorry if I missed anything...). Just wondering if any of u nice ladies out there have this bag and could perhaps let me know if the handles on the bag are stiff? Are they rolled handles? I couldn't really see from pics of the bag and would like to find out more about her. Would u say she's a pretty useful bag size wise and if she sits too far from the body when worn on the shoulder? TIA! Really appreciate any help I can get!
  2. sorry that I had to bump this up but I really do need some help usual, seller only giving a short window of opportunity and I really want to get this bag for my MIL as a gift. Only thing is she's concerned about the handles being too stiff. If anyone has any idea abt the handles at all, please do help. Thanks!
  3. I have the vienna klara in aubergine and I don't really use it that much as I do find it hard to get into/out of...the handle is stiff and not really that flexible. It is a stunning range:love:
    Picture 011.jpg
  4. :love: :tender: It's a beauty and that's the best colour among them all:girlsigh:
  5. Oh, thank you so much! And that is such a lovely lovely bag in what I think is the prettiest color in the range (really..)...I'll let my MIL know and we'll see where it'll go from here...such a lovely bag tho...thank you again! :flowers:
  6. Stunning Shalomjude.
  7. Thank you:shame: It is such a soft leather....I really wish they produced more bags in this range...this was one of the best seasons for bags:love:
  8. I love this bag, but I prefer the Mizi.
  9. I agree .. I love the mizi...I wish I had purchased that too:nuts:
  10. Don't we all... :girlsigh:
  11. what was the price of it
  12. this is on my list of things to get! (in black)
  13. shalomjude...ur Klara is TDF!!!!
  14. I think the straps on the Klara are flat; if my memory serves me correctly. The retail for the Klara was approx $1,900. LT currently has one in green for $1,600+. I wanted the Klara when they were released, but ended up with the Mizi.