Vienna Klara on Let-Trade

  1. For only 1699.99! Such a good deal! If I had the extra money I would be buying it!
  2. buy it arnott!!! lol
  3. To shopping !

    And I hope someone here snags it. :graucho:
  4. I can't! I'm broke from buying both my H bag AND Pomme Koala Wallet in less than 2 weeks!

    BTW, I replied to your post in my other thread. ;)
  5. They ever sold Vienna Mizi for $2500 only, if cheaper $1000 only, why not go for Vienna Mizi? It's more fab :love:
  6. The website was offline for the last 4 days, I tried... how can you access it?
  7. i cant access it either.. :confused1::confused1:
  8. I prefer the Klara because I like shouder bags!
  9. Works for me, but looks like someone already snatched up the bag!
  10. im in london right now and i cant seem to access it.. south-of-france cant access it either.. maybe its a problem with the internet connection in europe? :confused1::confused1:

    i need to access it starting to have withdrawals symptoms lol :p:p
  11. Yes, happie_berrie, I think prob is in i-net connection in Europe coz I can access it even can contact them
  12. i thought it was just my connection, but i couldn't get into Let-Trade either :s
  13. Could maybe someone of you who can access let-trade drop them a line that customers from Europe and Australia have lost access to the site That would be GREAT! Thanks!
  14. ^ please! i still can't get in. im beginning to think this is sabotage :sneaky:

  15. works fine and I'm in Melb :yes:
    Maybe it's your browser settings?