Vienna GM on let-trade!

  1. Hey guys, I just saw this on let-trade:

    thought this might be somthing some here would be interested in! hope someone here gets it!
  2. :nuts: PFer should get it!!! NOW!!!:yes: What are they asking?
  3. pretty!! :tender:
  4. oh lordy..
  5. Yummmmm...I wish I could get it!! What a gorgeous bag!
  6. What's the item number? I couldn't find it. Did someone snag it already?
  7. It is on their website, not on ebay yet.
  8. OMG it is beautiful!!!
  9. I'm not sure how the website business works. Do they sell from their website?
    How do you find out the price and how do you comunicate with them?

    Or do you just have to wait until it goes on Ebay?
  10. bags like this Vienna Mizi make me want to be a girl sometimes.... *sigh*

  11. There is a Buy it Now option under most items on their Available page. If there is not a BIN, then you can hit Enquiry and ask about the price. :flowers:
  12. LOL! that's cute! :lol:
  13. very very nice!!!
  14. Oh I see. Thanks! I'm going to inquire about it. Although I could never afford it:nuts:
  15. I got an email from Let-Trade telling me about this bag. It's $2,369.99 with 3 day EMS. He also has another bag, that is not on there yet. I might get it but, if I don't I will let you ladies in on what it is. :amuse: