Vieena Klara Bag? Anyone...

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  1. I have just discovered this gorgeous bag on let trade! Does anyone know what line it is from etc, does anyone have it?
    I have searched the threads but no luck!!! TIA!!:heart:
  2. I'm not sure what the line is called (Or if there is one? Isn't it just Vienna __________?), but these were very limited and come in aubergine, olive and black (I think).
    There's the Klara, the Mizi, and a few other even more limited and expensive styles...I believe Irene (H_addict) has/had one of them (but I'm not sure if she's sold it since she converted to H :crybaby:) That one has the ball kiss lock on the top and a handle I think.

    If the Klara on let-trade was black, I'd be dishing out my trip money to get that by now!
  3. It has black handles but olive green logo area, it just has a zip.
    wow, i cant believe the price is so good on it then if it is LE!? aaawwww i want it! xx
  4. I think these came out the same year as the Waltz so what was that 2005? So hard to keep track
  5. Yes, they came out in 2005 and the line was Vienna, which came in black, a dark purple called aubergine and a dark forest green. The styles made were the Mizi and a Klara.
  6. ^^ What about the small handheld one that Irene has? Isn't that part of the Vienna collection too or something else?

    This one!
  7. This bag is so beautiful!!!
  8. i love the klara. I agree with karman, if it was all black. I'd be buying that now. Good find, good price.
  9. The klara is beautiful.
  10. i've always loved the klara. *sigh*
  11. What a pretty bag.
    (on a ban, on a ban....)
  12. I have the mono vienna Klara in aubergine -- although it looks really, really dark IRL almost black:yes: I wish they produced more bags in this range ...I purchased mine in Dec 05:yes:
  13. That is also, it was one of the more limited ones (if you can believe there was anything more limited than the Mizi or Klara lol). That's the Sac Fermoir PM and there was a GM also (yours from mightykismet on eBay for only 15k :graucho:):
  14. Only 15k! Nice! : )
  15. lol! the aubergine is TDF!!!