Video On Selecting A Handbag For Your Body Size

  1. verry interesting! i am not sure i totally agree with everything she said but interesting just the same! :smile: thanks for sharing!
  2. That was really helpful. Especially since I am full figured, I never even thought about the bag drawing more attention to my back side, I will use the mirrors to see when I am shopping from now on. Thanks for the link.
  3. Thanks for posting! It was quite interesting. I looked at the video on body-shapers, too! I also find it interesting that (some of)the clips are hosted by Laura Bennett and Nick(?) from Project Runway.
  4. That's really informative - I liked it. Also, lots of other great video clips. Thanks for sharing :yes:
  5. Interesting, thanks for posting.
  6. Thanks for posting that -- it's very, very helpful!
  7. Thanx for that post, very informative.