Video of Jessica Simpson’s flubbed performance at the Kennedy Awards

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  1. [​IMG]

    The best part of this clip of Jessica Simpson's flub during Sunday's Kennedy Center Honors is when she scurries off stage while the elite A-list audience remains silently unimpressed.


    She looked nervous, and I would too ! I felt bad for her, she looked so embarrassed.:shame:
  2. I just watched this. That's really sad and embarassing for her. Hopefully she will learn from this to be a better performer, and to not run offstage when things get sticky. I know that great performers are taught to work through their performace no matter what happens onstage.
    Just watching this makes you cringe. I know haters will make fun of the situation, but this is on the sad side. I love Jess and know that she will only bounce back from this!!
  3. Wow I'm sorry but Dolly Parton looks absolutely horrible in that photo. Way too much plastic surgery. How could anyone think that looks good? :wtf:
  4. :s
  5. LOL! I read somewhere that she blamed her discomfort on the dress which was too tight, and also that she's been kinda unnerved because John Mayer has stopped calling all of a sudden....
  6. Ok, how sweet is Reese!?
    I feel bad for Jess.
    I am not a fan of hers so I think I'm unbiased . . . and she truly seemed nervous, wrapping her arms around herself and her eyes were really teary most of the performance.
    The audience was FULL or 'real' celebs and the Pres & 1st Lady too. . . I'd have been very nervous as well.
  7. I do feel for her... but her job is to sing- and she had to use cue cards?! She needed to know that song down to actually pay tribute to Dolly Parton and show how much she respected her :shrugs:
  8. I agree. For a performer who is prepared, when the music starts the lyrics and performance comes naturally. Nerves or not, there was no excuse for not knowing (or even being able to read) the words.
  9. You are exactly right Megs. She is getting paid millions of dollars to be a professional and then she botches a performance at the KENNEDY CENTER (which is fairly prestigious!) on national television... !! :rolleyes: Her and her sister are an insult to all the professional performers out there! I am sick of them BOTH!
  10. That's my whole issue with Jess, she tries too hard....her boobs were spilling out of her dress and you could tell she was embarrassed about it on stage... I bet if she focused on her talent and less on her image, she would be a lot better off!
  11. LOL

    im speechless
  12. That is priceless. LOL
  13. The Simpson sisters have a history of running off stage when they screw up. At least she didn't do the "Hoe-down" dance....although that would have been pretty hilarious!
  14. LOL:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. ^^ Lol