Video Ipod Cases

  1. I don't have a video ipod yet, and really want to get one, but want to shop around first for a great case to put it in. How typical is that! :lol:

    Can you girls make some suggestions on fun designer ipod cases? I haven't seen too many in my searches but I'm sure I'm missing some.

    Thanks! :idea:
  2. I'll leave it to others to suggest designer cases but if you're looking for fun cases, sweetestpea will custom-make one for you:

    Etsy :: fat owl - gadget cozy

  3. I am hoping to get a LV mc one. I tried the monogram one and it fit well but seemed a bit stuffy. Juicy makes some trendy ones too as does tokidoki for iskin and of course Coach.
  4. try they have cases for everything and lots of colors
  5. IS there a MC one!? I looked but didn't see one.
  6. I have the Monogram LV one here:


    I also have this one from Brighton:


    They also have other styles: Brighton |

    I have the 80GB and both of these cases fit like a glove.
  7. These are not "designer" but they are definitely unique and very fitting:$sid&cPath=77_90
  8. Yeah I have the LV monogram's the only one that fits the video ipod. They have an MC one for the regular ipod (the version that came out before the video one) but since the screen is so wide, it cuts it off and looks terrible.
  9. Lol I have that stuff too! The scarf is the one I got for my mom for Christmas though..but I do have the Panda pochette and the Ipod case for myself though! :lol:
  10. ohhh, you're making me want one
  11. Yeah you need one! :graucho:
  12. I was planning on ordering a Vaja case for both my video ipod and Treo 680, but now I'm re-thinking that I should get the LV mono for my ipod. Does anyone know if they have a LV case for the Treo?
  13. I love that Brighton one!!
  14. So cute! I assume you got your LV at a boutique (I couldn't find it on elux...)? I have the 30GB and ended up getting a sleek hardcase style for now at the Apple store, which is fine but I want something with a little more zing too ;) .
  15. Thanks so much for the suggestions! The Brighton ones are so cute. I like the LV mono one too, but really really wish they had an MC one. Does anyone know if they are planning on coming out with an MC video case? I really hope so. :graucho: