Video: Introducing the Prada Cahier Soft

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  1. Hi all,

    Megs and I put together a short video on the new Cahier Soft, hope you like it!

    You can also read Megs' full review on the blog.
  2. Great video and gorgeous bag.
  3. Thanks for the review! I seriously considered getting the white soft cahier, but I realized the whole point of my most recent bag journey was that I wanted some thing more formal, hence, I got the traditional stiffer cahier. But for more casual use, this would be lovely.
  4. Love the bag and the video, thank you!
  5. The Soft Cahier is even more luxurious than the stiffer one.
  6. I like it very much. Well done. I see the bag came with a box. I'm a bit jealous because I've never received a box with the three bags I've purchased. The three wallets and bag straps I've purchased arrived in boxes. Do you by any chance know the reason behind my box-less bags? One came from Neimans, the other 2 from Farfetch.
  7. Pretty sure that Prada boxes only come from a Prada boutique or
    The Pradas I’ve purchased directly from Prada came with boxes.....the ones from dept. stores did not.
    That’s my experience.
  8. Yes, I wrote Neiman's and received an answer which is under the thread, 'To box or not to box....I have the answer'. I did order directly from Prada's website and finally had the entire Prada experience. Unless I find something in the future at a great price I don't see a benefit ordering from Neiman's, Saks, etc. I want the box! I'm disappointed I have bags without. Why I want the box? I have no idea.
  9. When my Cahier bag arrived from Prada it was in a box with the dust bag . However, it didn't resemble the packaging Megs unboxed. In addition, and I am concerned about this, there was no sales receipt or any enclosure of any type. I also checked online and there is no indication I purchased the bag online. It is just as if the order was lost but the bag was delivered. I have no proof I purchased the bag from Prada.
    . However, I love the bag!
  10. Just to be clear, did you order your Cahier on the Prada website? If so, they should have sent you an email confirming the order. Also, I've placed two orders through Prada's site. One arrived via their store in Houston.....the other from a New Jersey store. The packaging was almost identical.
  11. Hi,may I know is prada cahier soft come in 2 sizes with the code number of 1BD094 and 1BD095 respectively? I would prefer to get the small size which the code is 1BD094 but I could not find this code in the prada webpage itself. I see alot of other website selling them. Thanks...
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