Video dancing game???

  1. I'm not much of a gamer, but I am very competitive and I remember (years ago) that there was this video game where it would display like "dance steps" that you had to follow on some kind of mat and it got faster and faster as you progressed. Does anyone remember this game? Is it still around or available? If so, I know that it would be a great help with losing weight. Or maybe there is some other kind of game that I can get that is along the same lines? Any thoughts or suggestions?? TIA. :confused1:
  2. It is my greatest shame that I am Korean and TERRIBLE at DDR. I can't even get a C grade on the easiest settings. Anyway, yeah DDR is still around, but you'll want to get the hard pads, because the soft ones slip around too much. If you have neighbours downstairs, they may not like the stomping, so if that happens just put foam underneath the pads to dampen the sound.
  3. I just got Wii DDR today off of eBay. I'll give a try and let you know!
  4. I too would like to know how DDR is for Wii....although my DH says there is no way he would play that game!!
  5. Thank you all so much!! I am going to try it. Do I need to buy a Wii or is there another version for a cheaper gamebox (I guess that's what you call them....?)?
  6. The DDR I have is for Playstation2. The prices have dropped quite a bit now that everyone is getting either the Wii or Playstation3 now.
  7. I tried the Wii DDR today for 30 mins. OMG... I was sweating! It was a good work out not as good as running. But it's fun while breaking sweat. However, they don't have really good techno/trance music selection like the ones at arcades.
  8. I love DDR!!

    All others except the WII just have the feet pad...the WII actually incorportates (sp?) hand motions, too! That's a blast!!!