VideDressing - avoid


Feb 5, 2018
Sold a Reiss wool coat, wrong colour for me, pockets still closed (stitched up) buyer claimed too worn (not even worn once) and returned, not only put the wrong return address on it so for weeks it was bouncing around and me desperately trying to get it back with zero help from the website or the "buyer" when I got it finally it was covered in hair, some human, some animal and lint, totally disgusting, complained, with a picture that it was clearly the wrong address and how filthy the coat was. Reply (ignoring wrong address and all that) I can get it cleaned again buyer says it was received like that... OK, if I would receive something filthy I would document it. Oh lovely so I pay the dry cleaning bill on top of postage? Previously a buyer gave the wrong address and because I send recorded delivery (you have to, though that is not refunded) they were searching for it, they canceled it, the dress got lost in return, which would not have been an issue as I insured it, but the delivery company wanted to have evidence of the sales value, well since brainiacs canceled it it was not there anymore, couldn't take a screen shot and when I sent it, didn't think that somebody would give the wrong address. I think selling through them, I might as well give it to charity, at least I don't have additional costs for losing items
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