Victorine wallet problems and exchange

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  1. First: AT all sorry that I open a new thread, but maybe it is interesting for one or the other

    O.k. today I brought back the Victorine. The card slots are so tightly, that I hurt my Finger. But thats not all. The interior of the card slots went dissolved. I see it at one card slots - this was the fact that I was sure I bring it back. My SA look at the Vic and see, that all card slots have quality issues. She looks at the fuchsia too and the fuchsia have the same problem I can tell you. And she says, that is fact and not good. So with a crying eye I gave it back. Today I´am very confused and sad that I have so much problems with Vic. My Sa write a quality complaints to LV. So guys, please look good at your Victorine if they are o.k. (or another SLG´s or purses) - good luck.

    Now I will decide if I want another little wallet, but none from the canvas catch my heart. Only the little bigger one Compact Curieuse Empreinte Leather in black or new color poppy. Or I give much more € in and purchase the turenne.
  2. I looked at mine and it's ok. What do you mean card slots went dissolved?? The card slots for me were tight at first, now it's much better after leaving cards there for long
  3. Card slots are always very tight at first in my experience. They loosen up quickly, though.
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  4. Yes normally the card slots gets softer with time. I know. But it is not normal if you must spend a lot of power if you can put the cards into the slot. That is not the real way. And both, my and the other in shop went in extremely difficult and it started the separation of the adhesive inside. I was today in 2 LV stores and both SA see that problem. When you don´t have that problem is very good. Enjoy
  5. I bought the Victorine. I have had many, many LV wallets both canvas and leather. Never have I ever experienced card slots so tight as on this wallet. I agree. My fingers hurt trying to get cards in. I ended up putting two cards in each slot overnight. The wallet is fine mow. I love the size, but YES! Bizarre problem. I thought it was just mine.
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  6. I just want to point out that the card slots on wallets are cut with the same instruments, so they are all the same in size. And everyone is correct: at first they are extremely tight. Then they expand a bit, which makes it easier to manipulate the cards.
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    Thank you for your information. It comforts me somewhat, but unfortunately it is now gone. In this price range I expect more, especially no damage. Enjoy yours
  8. I testet today many LV wallets. The Vic is the worst, as well as the Anais went hard. I have the Sarah OM and never hurts me to take my cards in and out. My friend have the big zippy, and never problem with card slots. The best today was Sarah compact, Curiese compact empriente leather and maybe emilie. I testet more, but for small/skinny wallets they are the best. Vic have 3 card slots of left and right. When you take 2 cards in is o.k but by the third it is a big problem, you know? In and out hurts. And leftside where the zippy coin compartement is, you can not get easy in this compartement to fish your coins out, if the cards in slots.
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  9. Are you exchanging for the same wallet or are you planning to get a different one? My full size Zippy wallet's card slots were also very tight in the beginning but it loosened up nicely after I placed two cards in one slot. Now it's very easy to get cards in and out of it. Sorry this happened to you and I hope you find one without defects.
  10. All of my wallets had tight card slots when I first brought them home. They are fine now. I don't understand the "dissolve" part, but would be interested to know. I am guessing the victorine wallets were extra tight because it is a newly release item and not many people have tried them out before they are being purchased.

  11. I saw a few Victorine's in a saks and neimans and they all had canvas peeling issues. Thats the main reason why i didnt purchase it.
  12. Oh wow, as cute as it is, not a good first impression!
  13. Hmmmm.. I was planning to purchase this in a few months since it seems so functional, yet compact. I'll have to be extra careful when examining it.
  14. Unfortunately how I write. My SA tested the other one in fuchsia and it has the same problem or I would have gladly taken. I will see what I do. The size was perfect from Vic. Now I don´t know what I will do and decide if I take the Turenne PM, Curiese compact or will wait. Maybe I go monday in Store and will look other Vic. But I am willing that it is also not good.

    dissolve: I don´t know how I can better tell you. Up on the edge for card slots is glue to hold. And this glue dissolve the inner lining.

    I think most of this Vic´s have issues. SA see it on others and makes a quality complaint. I think you have good you didnt purchase it. Is a beauty but have problems. They told, it can be did LV will improve the product, if they think that it really is a vast problem in the production.

    Yes please watch it well and test it extensively. Good luck. Good luck. I am really sad that I could not keep it. But I want flawlessly for my money. :shucks:
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    Tight is a bit of an understatement. I remember fighting with my Josephine when I had it to the point that when the card finally came free my hand flew right back into my do you explain that a wallet gave you bloody nose while keeping your dignity intact?:shame:
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