Victoria's Secret

  1. I am VERY pale...almost like a So, I decided to get some glow with V.S.'s Bare Bronze Daily Glow Moisturizer that's supposed to make your skin glow after a while (it says, "...combines the benefits of moisturizer with a hint of self-tanner for a natural, GRADUAL glow"). Well, yesterday was my third time using it. I wake up today and look at my arms and WOW! I am tan! My legs are darker as well but they're all uneven. You can see the yellow spots and streaks all over. I figured that since the glow is supposed to build up gradually, it wouldn't matter if it was uneven one night. Thank Goodness it's not warm yet! So, I can cover up until it evens out. Who would've thought that this stuff would work so fast?
  2. I use the jerens daily natural glow,It actually works very gives a gradual tan,but works quickly,and pretty evenly
  3. Jergens for me too.
  4. there's nothing wrong with being pale. it used to be a sign that you were a higher class. i don't know when skin cancer became a sexy thing. i'm a lifeguard, i spend every day outside. i'm the same color in mid-august that i am in mid-january. i'm not going to wrinkle or get cancer for the current fashion trend.
  5. No offense but I didn't say that I was joining the "tan" trend. I am VERY pale and just wanted to get some color. To my knowledge, tanning lotions do not cause cancer. I may be wrong.

    If I wanted to get real tan, I would've used a tanning lotion or went to the tanning salon. Instead, I chose a moisturizing lotion with a HINT of self-tanning cream. I never tan. If I go to the beach, I put tons of sunscreen because I burn like crazy. I hope I don't sound rude.

    I don't know why the color turned out to be so uneven. Maybe because my skin is so white and everything shows (where I put my lotion)? It is so pale that you can see my!

    Thank you for all your responses!
  6. it's only my opinion, not a personal attack. you can feel free to do whatever you'd like, i'm not judging you. i am that same blue-white color you seem to be describing, i'm a crazy pale redhead. i think it's pretty.
  7. You probably need to do a really good exfoliation and then start applying it again. This is what I have been told to do before sunless tanning before, and it really does work. Just get a loofah and some bodywash, or use one of those exfoliating scrubs and do this before lotion application--it makes the lotion go on evenly, since the dead skin has been removed.
  8. I'm a major paleface too. I couldn't tan if my life depended on it. I'm too scared to go the self tan route. Maybe if I was off work for a few weeks I could then experiment...
  9. Pale skin was associated with being of a higher class, because lower classes had to work outside, and thus they got tan. So, that's not exactly applicable to life in 2006- unless you still believe that there are different classes of people.

    ANYWAYS. Tan skin is a personal preference- I live in FL, I LOVE being tan. I just got in from laying out by the pool. :smile:

    Self-tanners are a lovely way to get tan w/out the sun damage/ skin cancer risks. For the girl who started this thread- you should deffff check out Clarins Self-Tanning milk, it works sooo very well- but its not as dark as some self-tanners. I use it to help blend in my tan-lines ( so I'm not TOO pale in certain areas!)
  10. I vouch for jergens as well... although I stopped using it cuz I just got lazy and I actually sit by the pool every now and then (I'm in Florida. :smile: ) it reallt does work, and I never had problems with spots or streaks.
  11. I've tried some different tans, but not all of them of course has worked.
  12. lol - me too!
    I Kinda like to call it 'pale and interesting'...;) :lol:

    I've tried the Johnsons moisturiser with a hint of self tan, but it's still too dark for my lily white British skin - i need one that only has a very subtle hint of colour, otherwise i end up with brown palms and noticeable streaks!:weird:

    I don't sunbathe as i can't bear too much heat...! lol
  13. I tried the Jergens, but then I tried Hawaiian Tropics Island Glow and like it better. The smell is more pleasant, and the tan/glow seems more gradual.