Victorias Secret Very Sexy Liquid Liner Pen!?

  1. Okayyy.
    I just got done reading my seventeen for the month, and they have that this pen by VS like, works like a dream for upper lid lining.

    Right now Im using this Maybelline Expert Wear that, in all actuality, bites. It doesnt stay on, it kinda rubs off my bottom lid. Its so annoying. It doesnt last not 25 minutes. :cursing:

    Anyways, So I wanted to know. Has anyone purchased that? Or would someone recommend an eyeliner that actuality lasts? I mean, I dont want to go and spend precious dollars on something other than a bra at VS. ;)
  2. i like the bobbi brown gel eyeliners! urban decay, mac, and clinique makes some pretty good pencils... as for liquid, i used to use ones from the body shop. good luck!
  3. Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner is pretty good. It lasts and doesn't smudge. Dior and Chanel for the liquid ones. HTHS!
  4. i use lancome's artliner - been using it for years but it is pricey.