victoria's secret vertical cup bra....

  1. i don't know how appropriate it'd be to post a photo of this :graucho: but i was wondering if anyone's tried this bra?

    it looks really interesting in the photo and comes in teeny sizes which i like since i have no boobs to speak of :hysteric:but i was just wondering if it looks odd under shirts and stuff.....would appreciate any input anyone has

    here's a link :yes:
  2. I have this bra. At first I was disappointed and sorry I bought it and ended up changing bras. I was in such a rush and wearing a very light weight, fitted, jersey halter. It wasn't adjusted properly looked just plain weird. I think I had the straps way too tight and it was smooshing in, giving the appearance of four vertical boobs! Didn't have time to mess with it so I changed bras.

    The second time I wore it, I had more time to get ready. I took the time and adjusted the straps properly and it worked wonderfully. I was amazed and surprised that it was even the same bra. I wore it as a racer and it fit comfortably and securely the whole evening. I wore it with a slightly fitted natural/cream crocheted racer tank. It was perfect! Now I'm SO glad I have it.

    Bottomline, I think if you wear it with tight fitting, light weight fabric clothing or very light weight/light colored fabrics, you'll see the odd lines. AND, keep in mind, as with all bras if you're wearing a light colored top, you can see the bra through the shirt and this bra does have very different/odd lines.

    I'll have to experiment with it more and get back with you! But so far, I'm loving it!
  3. very interesting...i have several shirts that this would be very convenient with, but they're mostly things i'd want to wear on dates, and if the date goes well, i have to worry about what the guy is going to think of that bra, lol.

    i have the same dilemma with spanx.
  4. :graucho:

    I feel the same.
  5. That's one weird looking bra - but I'm cursed with the itty bitty titty so gotta check this out !
  6. wow that is a strange looking bra....I wonder how much it supports? Would this look and feel odd on a C cup?
  7. I'm a D cup and it fit just fine (once I got the straps adjusted properly). Didn't have any problems with it. It provided the right amount of support right where I needed it.
  8. aww thanks everyone for the comments.....i ordered this in black but after lynlaine's comments i'm thinking that might have been a bad idea since being able to a see a whole bra through a shirt is kinda okay but seeing a weird halfish bra might be kinda odd :Push:....but i'll let you know how everything is once it gets here....hopefully it looks good :wlae:
  9. what is this bra suppose to do ?
  10. :roflmfao: I thought the same thing when I saw it. Wouldn't the "girls" fall out of the middle of it? It says freedom of movement.......I bet so! I think its pretty but I need function too.
  11. So its going to give me cleavage, and keep me snug ?

    I mean i dont wanna bend over and the puppies fall out.
  12. Thats my concern too :yes: Constant adjustment in public is not good.
  13. that wouldnt be nice.. omg i'd be :shame:
  14. That's one interesting bra. I'll check it out next time im in the VS store.
    Hey JC, haven't seen you around lately. Good to see u again.
  15. Wish I had the boobies to FILL the bra!!! :nuts:

    Lingerie shopping sucks if you're flatchested like me! :sad: