Victoria's Secret swimsuit sizing... help me!

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  1. I don't really own anything from Victoria's Secret... I'm a medium in their PINK hoodies & a small in PINK underwear if that helps any (but a medium in Aerie underwear). I'm a 36B & typically a medium in shirts in general. I'm a medium in Old Navy bikini tops & a a small in their bikini bottoms.

    With VS swimwear on sale though, I was hoping to order a few items online. I rarely trust size charts, so yeah! But according to theirs, I guess I am in-between a small & medium.

    For bikini tops, should I be getting a medium? And since I'm a small in their PINK underwear, should I be getting a small in the bikini bottoms? :confused1:
  2. I'd go w/ small. VS runs big IMO!
  3. For both?
  4. ^I'd say so. I'm a 34C and do an xs/s in most of the tops (unless it's bra sized) and an xs for the bottoms (I'm an xs in VS panties). Which bikinis are you looking at?
  5. For me, the bottoms run true to size, but the tops are small. I'm a 36D and none of the bathing suit tops fit me...I fall out everywhere!
  6. I think VS does run a bit big...i'm a 32DD and size 0/25 in jeans...I wear a medium top and XS bottoms
  7. Me and my sister have ordered lot of swimsuits from VS...I seem to be the same size as you..a small and a 36 b...a small bottom should fit you well, and as for the top it depends what kind of top it is, id order a small and medium becuse some of their tops fit small and some larger. I just always return the one that doesnt fit and you just stick it right back in the bag it came in and use the return lable they send you.