victoria's secret speedy knock off

  1. hey guys. i was in victoria's secret today and saw that they had these new handbags that look a little's brown and looks like a mini speedy and it has victoria's secret written all over it in a lighter color (similar to whatever color the lvs are on the mono) and then it has 2 big stripes running from top to bottom in red and white.. so it looks like something from the groom collection. i can't find a pic on the website but if i do i'll be sure to post it. just thought this was kind of interesting.. but it didn't stop me from buying some valentine's day *goodies* :graucho:
  2. There is a pic posted already in another thread on this forum. The regular handbag forum I guess.
  3. oh woops. i never go into those other forums. sorry :shame:
  4. I want to see, can someone post the link?
  5. I'd like to see the pictures.
    But that's really cheesy that they couldn't come up with their own ideas.
  6. i want to see pixz too!!
  7. It's ok! I hardly ever do either but today I did. I think it's a good thread for this place though because it looks like a speedy. ;)
  8. Everything about VS is tacky and trashy.

  9. It's in the handbag/ purse forum. let me see if I can bring up that link here.
  10. Agreed.
  11. i just saw the pics and i think its quite amusing

  12. But I like VS panties:yes:
  13. Maybe it's just not for you...don't hate!:hysteric:
  14. That bag doesn't look that bad - it's cute cuz it's different, yet not :p I'll go and see if I can check it out on 34th St's VS store later tonight :p