Victoria's Secret shoe sizing

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  1. I'm thinking about buying a cute pair of CHEAP pumps that I saw on but I'm concerned about the sizing since I can't try them on. Do they run true to size? How has your experience been with their shoes?

    I'm a 7 1/2, sometimes an 8 and my ankles/heels are on the narrow side (most shoes always have extra room back there and I have to somehow fix them to where my heels don't come out when I walk).
  2. I have a pair of their stiletto heels, and they're TTS--though not comfortable at all. (And fyi, I have narrow-ish feet too.)
  3. ^^ What does TTS stand for?
  4. TTS = True to size.
  5. i bought a pair of stiletos too the colin stuart brand right? damn those were so small i had to return them!! i probably could of went a size up.