Victoria's Secret Semi Anual sale starts NOW online!

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  1. Go shop, ladies!:wlae:
  2. im so mad
    i just bought stuff yesterday
    and now its all on sale.
    i wouldve bought more :crybaby:
  3. ^^^^^ You can get a price adjustment just call them back
  4. You should be able to get price adjustment, pearlisthegurl :yes:
  5. YES! My FAVORITE time of the year!
  6. i just called them
    but since i used a gift card they were having problems
    ill call again tommorow :sad:
  7. that doesn't matter you can still get it adjusted call and ask to a supervisior if the rep you get on the phone gives you trouble
  8. Does anyone have a code for free shipping?
  9. if you buy online, you can return in the store, right?
  10. I just ordered lot of stuff from them... and it's free shipping, use code FA78125 and use this code FA78113 for $15 off $100. Happy shopping everyone!
  11. If you order online you have to return via mail - not in store. Boo!
  12. ^Thanks! I guess i will order the items i have already purchased but aren't marked down in store.
  13. i got 16 things for $160 :smile: i used a $30 off tiered code & free shipping. too bad it isn't going to ship until 1/7. but luckily i'll get it next day since i live 20 mins from their shipping facility.
  14. Wooohooooo! LOVE this time of year!!!!!!

    We must have better codes to use though don't we ladies??
  15. So exciting!Thanks.