Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale!

  1. Thanks for the update! I'll head out there tomorrow :biggrin:
  2. So am I :smile: thank you!
  3. Thank you for the update! :smile:
  4. Is this in every store now? As I was in Chicago on Tuesday and it was 50% off in VS Pink in the store in Water Tower but not the store on Michigan ave- I asked one of the staff at this store an she said each store starts this at different times and that particular store hadn't started there's yet.
  5. I went to 2 VS stores and they did not have the additional markdowns. Everything was still the same price as when the sale started.
  6. I went to three today in the triangle area of NC and they weren't having the additional markdowns yet.
  7. I think every store does their own thing because I went into a different store over the weekend and while the markdown clothing/pjs was an additional 50%, the bras and undies were not marked down further.

    I did get a PINK hoodie for $13.

    I would call the store to ask them before heading out.
  8. I have been getting really got items from the Semi Annual Sale. So far in New York the best store in my opinion to get items from is Soho. Even though it's a mid sized store, they have a lot of bras in many colors still available. Especially if you are a D or DD (which I am). All bras are 19.99 panties are 3.99 and lingere is 1/2 off. We should revive this thread
  9. Yeah right! I went there too, so crowded. I think this last of month.