Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale!

  1. The semi annual sale started in stores today! It's my first time going on the first day, and it was so crazy and crowded inside. Line ups to fitting room took almost half an hour :shocked:
    Bras were $15.99 and up, although most of them were $29.99 and panties were 7 for $30 or $20 (cotton line). How long does the sale usually last and when will prices typically go down? TIA!
    (I searched for this topic but couldn't find any threads relevant..hope this is okay!)
  2. If my memory is correct it usually lasts for a week.....Half an hour :wtf: NEVER go on the first day it's usually a hot mess lol
  3. I forgot how long the sale will go on for ususally but the online sale lasts longer than in store. I rather shop on their site because I know it gets crazy in the stores!!!
  4. If you don't go right away tho everything is completely picked over, I got in there the day there were setting up, luckily I did because they only had a handful in my size!
  5. lucky for you. here they close down the stores completely while they set up for the sale.

    i was going to go yesterday but completely forget. i have a $50 gift card from xmas that i need to use. i apparently didn't clue my parents in that i don't really shop there anymore. years ago my friend and i would make an event out of the first day. we have 4 stores here in town. we would go to as many as possible the very first night. it was fun.
  6. I'm going to go to a VS tomorrow on the search for sports bras & workout clothes :biggrin:
    Only certain stores carry the workout clothes I think.... Hopefully I'm not too late!
  7. i got a couple lingerie :yahoo: and a few bras

    and a bridal babydoll for my sister. hope she will like it :woot:
  8. The sale will end at the end of the month in case anyone was wondering!
  9. I went on the first day and it was crazy!! And I went back to another store yesterday and they barely had anything in my size in the bras :/ .. Also, I saw on the commercial that the sale ends on June 25th.
  10. I shopped early on the website with the angel card access and scored three bombshell bras for cheep, sleepwear and panties. I went to two different locations yesterday and today and scored another bombshell bra, nightwear, one workout outfit, stockings and panties so I am very happy!
  11. Does anyone know when the markdowns will be?
  12. I was wondering about the markdowns as well.

    Last year I went in close to the end of the sale and scored an additional 50% off sale prices, all undies $1.99, and all bra $15.99.

    I imagine this will happen close to June 25.
  13. I went today and got a Supermodels Essentials Hoodie for $7!!!! It was originally $59.50 :smile:
  14. I hope the sale is on till at least this weekend which is the earliest i can go. And i hope they have some decent things worth the trip!
  15. V.S now has their 50% off sale prices. All sale undies are $2.99 and all sale bras are $19.99. I am coming from there and scored pink yoga pants for $13. I also got a make up bag for $3 (originally $12). The pink sweaters are at about $14. My VS still had a lot of stuff.
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