Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale is on!

  1. Just to let you ladies know,Victoria's Secret sale started yesterday. They have great prices on all beauty products and fragrance. Get it while its HOT!:yahoo:
  2. ^^^^
    Oh, yes they do! Just picked up a pair of striped pj pants for $6.49!!!
  3. I'm gonna be there in 2 hours.
  4. heard that Victoria Secret's beauty range is blehhhhh
  5. I think some of their lip pencils are nice. I also heard some of the glosses are pretty. My daughter likes products from their garden line, so going to pick up some for her. I like some of their perfume. And of course checkin out some bra's.
  6. THis year I went really really light on shopping in comparison to the other years.

    I bought 1 dusting powder, 2 pairs of panties, 1 bra, 2 body sprays, and 1 bottle of lotion.

    They have new fragrances coming out in the spring. I love the blossoming Romance one a lot. Check it out if you missed it. :love:
  7. I bought a bunch of bras really cheap!!
  8. Thanks so much for this info ! I haven't gone shopping since I spending so much during christmas but this is too hot to pass! :p
  9. 2 aura science eyeshadows
    1 aura science liner
  10. i only like one kind of bra - the VS angels secret embrace pushup. they had a bunch of the odd colors almost half off in the bins, and all of the regular colors 25%, so i got another black and nude, and then a RED! plus about a dozen pairs of body by victoria panties, which are some of my faves - they stay in place really well!
  11. Are the prices online and in store the same?
  12. ^ i think so?

    you guys have to get the so sexy shampoo~!
  13. ^ i've compared various things and the prices seem a bit higher online than in stores regarding pjs, clothing, etc..but i'm not sure about beauty products
  14. Ya. the sale is obviously best suited if you are looking to get PJs or makeup. Trying to find a pair of undies smaller than a medium at the store is a much different and almost impossible story...
  15. Is alot of PINK on sale? I just love that stuff.
    I need to go and get some new stuff.
    What is onsale for the vs beauty? and prices?

    I went 3 weeks ago and the semi annual sale didn't start yet but they had alot of tables of aura science/vs makeup/anni sui/lotion sets onsale for 50% and I picked up 2 Anni Sui lip glosses for 50% (reg $18, I got them for $8 each) I've never tried Anni Sui makeup, actually I didn't even know that she made makeup.