Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale is on!


Nov 15, 2006
I think some of their lip pencils are nice. I also heard some of the glosses are pretty. My daughter likes products from their garden line, so going to pick up some for her. I like some of their perfume. And of course checkin out some bra's.
Sep 23, 2006
THis year I went really really light on shopping in comparison to the other years.

I bought 1 dusting powder, 2 pairs of panties, 1 bra, 2 body sprays, and 1 bottle of lotion.

They have new fragrances coming out in the spring. I love the blossoming Romance one a lot. Check it out if you missed it. :love:


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
i only like one kind of bra - the VS angels secret embrace pushup. they had a bunch of the odd colors almost half off in the bins, and all of the regular colors 25%, so i got another black and nude, and then a RED! plus about a dozen pairs of body by victoria panties, which are some of my faves - they stay in place really well!
Is alot of PINK on sale? I just love that stuff.
I need to go and get some new stuff.
What is onsale for the vs beauty? and prices?

I went 3 weeks ago and the semi annual sale didn't start yet but they had alot of tables of aura science/vs makeup/anni sui/lotion sets onsale for 50% and I picked up 2 Anni Sui lip glosses for 50% (reg $18, I got them for $8 each) I've never tried Anni Sui makeup, actually I didn't even know that she made makeup.