Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale 1/3/08!

  1. Just a reminder that the VS semi-annual sale starts in stores tomorrow! I received an e-mail that said that it starts at 8AM. Can't wait!

    Feel free to post any of the great deals you score there in this thread!
  2. I totally forgot it was tomorrow, thanks for the reminder. I'm so excited! I'll post my purchases tomorrow.
  3. AWESOME, I'm actually going to Buffalo for some shopping tomorrow. PERFECT!!
  4. Do you know what's gonna be on sale?
  5. ^^ basically all of what is on the website that you would normally find in the stores. Beauy and lingerie
  6. I walked out empty handed... hard to believe. I was slightly unimpressed.
  7. I am going to Ban the ban and just go for it.:yes:
  8. I went this morning at 8 and got several things, mainly PINK...the sale wasn't as great as last years but y'all definitely need to check it out!

    I hit up a 2nd VS at 930, lol.
  9. I'll be going after work. Hopefully I find some good stuff. I wasn't very impressed with their last semi annual sale.
  10. I did not wake up at 8AM as planned so I will be going now! Hopefully I'll get something nice..
  11. This VS sucks... I was terribly unimpressed so I'll be ordering offline!
  12. Wow. I walked out with nothing. None of their bra's looked like anything great, and the underwear that used to be 2.99 is now 3.99. This is the first time I've walked out empty handed from one of their semi annual sales. Maybe I'll try a different store sometime.

    I saw some things on their website that I was interested in. Some items that said they were available on their item page were *not available* when I tried to put them in my cart. Very annoying.
  13. Thanks for the info! I was planning to walk to the nearest mall (2.25 miles) but now I don't think I will!
  14. i woke up early this am and headed to VS and came in late to work. I wasnt impressed at all. the undies were more than usual. i just ended up getting a few pink items.
  15. stopped by at their independent pink store here in SF, bought a medium size wheelie for $38.99 and a thermal lounge set for $24.50.. the undies was $3.99 each.. i got better deal when it was 10/$25 last weekend so i didn't bother to look at the pile.. the bras was 19.99 but i didn't get any cause they don't have that many selection..

    i couldn't use the $10 off of $50 purchase since the SA told me that it's only for regular price merchandise.. kinda bump.. but i'll give it a try again later when i stopped by at the regular VS store.. but after reading the thread, i shouldn't expect much, huh? :tdown: