Victorias Secret Semi 75 % off markdowns

  1. just a heads up for my fellow vicki lovers all sleepwear 75% off, bras 12.99 and panties 2.99 starts tomorrow until sunday:yahoo:
  2. Miss Priss, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been asking and asking people and no one knows about anything or has any idea. Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  3. yes, thank you! i have been waiting to hear word! i guess i know where I'll be tomorrow morning!
  4. Me too!!! Will it be the extra 50 off pink also?

    And I have a cheap shopper question, please don't be mad or judge me, other people do it too:love::

    So at the begining of the sale i bought like 400 worth of pink stuff because i knew it would be gone. I bought it with a regular mastercard. soooo i recently turned 18 on the 6, which was after i made my purchases and the lady told me that i would get coupons and stuff if i had a vs card. sooo if i go in tomorrow and take my bag of loot and apply for a card, return the stuff and rebuy it on that card (at the 75% price). Do you think thats terribly wrong and do u think its do-able?:graucho::sweatdrop::throwup:
  5. I was thinking about getting price adjustments as well. Ive done it before. However, it's only within 14 days of original purchase. I bought things the first day of the sale, and tomorrow is the 14th day after that... not sure if that day is included or not? I dont really have time to go there tomorrow but would make time if I could get the PA...

  6. no return it get the reduction price and then just re buy it with the vs, every 240(dont rmrbr exact) points u earn u get ten dollar coupons, but the coupons dont come in the mail right away and all have expiration dates within a month
  7. Are these markdowns only in store, are do they apply online as well?
  8. I'm looking for the pink hoodies with the fur lining. Did you guys see at store? Please let me know.. I live in san jose area.. TIA
  9. stores only, online is not affiliated with the stores
  10. i live in new bern, nc and there was one in raleigh (two hours away) and i didn't pick the damn thing up. now im pissed because theres no way i can go back up there and itll probably be gone by now. :hysteric::noggin:
  11. Yes! I am going to the mall tomorrow too! Thanks for the tip! I was wondering about the markdowns too! Took awhile since I've been waiting for it!
  12. Just freaking great! It's snowing :sad: so hopefully when it subsides I can go!!!

    ETA: And hopefully no one else went since it's snowing!
  13. does that mean that ALL bras are 12.99 or just some, like the ones at the beginning of the sale?

    I'm also waiting for the additional 50% off for the panties. Yes, I can't justify $3 but $1.50 i can. HAHA. :graucho:
  14. Most bras are $14.99 and panties are $2.99

    I got two pairs of their lounge pants for $9.99 and $5.98!

    There was actually pretty good selection in Houston's Rice Village.
  15. I went to Pentagon City today and got tons of panties, all at $2.99 a piece. I'm glad I waited and didn't spend all of my $ when the semi-annual first started! All of the sale bras were $12.99 but selection was horrible.