Victoria's Secret Sale Starts 6/20

  1. This is the one sale I really cannot wait!!! :heart: VERY MUCH looking forward to it. :cool:
  2. Me too! I got my $10 gift card since its my bday this month and I still have leftover dollars on my other gift card.. if you really can't wait though, the sale has already started online.
  3. Is this their semi-annual sale?
  4. ^^^I believe it is.
  5. YES it is!!
  6. so the sale is going on already... I mean, the semi-annual sale??? I thought it starts on the 20th...
  7. I think the sale has started online aready, but not in stores till the 20th of june. so, if you want to beat the crowd and get the things you want first, get them online. However, i honestly think it is cheaper if you get it in stores because last year i paid a few dollars more online than in stores for some panties (which adds up if you are buying 10 of them!) LOL
  8. I got some sale stuff online. I am an absolute VS freak! I own their very sexy push up bra in almost every color. I alway stock up when they're on sale.
  9. I already got a swim suit online, but I'm definately heading there on the 20th. Can't wait!!!