Victorias Secret Pink

  1. Buy any Pink shirt and get ANY sweat pant for $25.00! That is such a great deal. I went twice and bought to pairs of the new boyfriend sweat pant. I bought a shirt that was $15.50. The sweats are regularlly $38.50 so I saved. The skinny sweats are $44.50. Call though to make sure its still on!
  2. O my gosh!! Thanks so much for the update! I am definitely going there early this week, I have had my eye on the skinny sweats.
  3. I went today and got the sweats and t shirt. I also had a $10 coupon so I was lucky haha.

    I asked the salesgirl and she said the sale just started a few days ago so it should be going on atleast till the end of the week.
  4. Is there a code for there website?
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll have to check it out. Is this only in stores or is it online also?
  6. wow awesome! thanks for the post!
  7. It is in store only. I checked it out online and its not an online promo, sorry! But they do have CUTE shirts online that are not in the stores.
  8. I was just at the mall today...the sale is still going on!